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Eczema - anyone else tried Nelson's Calendula?

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janh Tue 17-Dec-02 10:04:54

I couldn't find any earlier threads on this so thought I'd start a new one - hope it's helpful for somebody!

My DS1 (14) has had eczema to a degree all his life, it seems to be topical (? ie not caused by food allergies) and we have mostly treated it in a haphazard fashion with steroid cream sometimes, aqueous cream when we remember (it itches when it goes on but does improve the redness/dryness), sensitive skin bath products etc.

Anyway it had flared up badly recently but since I have started washing his clothes separately in Surcare it calmed down a lot, except on his hands which were red, cracked and sore. (He does a morning paper round so is out in the cold for ages.) I once tried Nelson's Graphites (for dermatitis) on them and it made it worse but for the last couple of days I've put some Calendula on twice a day and it has almost vanished!!! The skin is still very dry but all the red/sore/cracked skin is better. And it doesn't sting or itch at all when it goes on. Magic!

SoupDragon Tue 17-Dec-02 11:12:06

I used my left over Kamillosan on DS2s excema type patches. That's calendua cream too (I think!)and you're right it worked like magic!

Jaybee Tue 17-Dec-02 12:53:20

Soupdragon - isn't Kammillosan chamomile based?? Janh - there was something on here a while ago on eczema and someone recommended calendula cream, I tried in on dd and it did really seem to help - she suffers mainly in the crease of her elbows. However, it then seemed to go the other way and spread and get very sore - it turned out that it was infected, not sure if this was connected to the cream or just one of those things - infection seems to have cleared again now with some cream from gp so I may try the calendular again.

janh Tue 17-Dec-02 13:13:36

Ooh, this is interesting! I have just googled Kamillosan - Jaybee's right, it is chamomile, but look what I found:

<PATZELT-WENCZLER and PONCE-POSCHL, ASTA Medica AG, Weismullerstr. 45, D-60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. conducted a trial into the efficacy of Kamillosan® cream in atopic eczema.
Background: Kamillosan® cream contains chamomile extract as an active principle manufactured from the chamomile sort Manzana and has been proved not to exhibit a chamomile-related allergen potential. For this reason Kamillosan® cream is suited for local therapy of atopic eczema.
Methods: In a partially double-blind, randomized study carried out as a half-side comparison, Kamillosan® cream was tested vs. 0.5% hydrocortisone cream and the vehicle cream as placebo in patients suffering from medium-degree atopic eczema.
Results: After a two-week treatment Kamillosan® cream showed a mild superiority towards 0.5% hydrocortisone and a marginal difference as compared to placebo.
Patzelt-Wenczler R and Ponce-Poschl E. Proof of efficacy of Kamillosan® cream in atopic eczema. European Journal of Medical Research 5(4): 171-5. Apr 2000.

Comment: There is a large amount of anecdotal writings on the use of chamomile for skin conditions such as eczema so it is good news to see a clinical trial showing that it may be comparable to a hydrocortisone cream.>

And of course it is lovely and greasy so probably even better for the dryness! So thanks, Soupdragon, I will get some of that and try it too (useful stuff to have around, I had forgotten all about it!)

Jaybee, def. give calendula another try, DS's eczema is usually worst in the elbow/knee creases too. I wouldn't have thought calendula cream would cause an infection as it is so mild (though you never can tell with sensitive skin).

SoupDragon Tue 17-Dec-02 16:26:08

Yes, I had a feeling it was but couldn't find the tube! I then found the tube and read it. Anyway, it still worked a miracle!

Jaybee Tue 17-Dec-02 16:57:54

I hadn't thought of trying Kamillosan on her eczema and I am now kicking myself as I used to swear by it when the kids were babies - bought it for nipples but didn't suffer there and it ended up on their bums - excellent for nappy rash - why did i not think to try it on eczema.... Doh!!!

CHUNKYBRIAN Sun 08-Jan-17 11:17:57

It would be wise to read about Calendula cream reviews

Hope this helps

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