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Organic milk better for you than "conventional" milk

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pupuce Fri 07-Jan-05 13:38:56

Just sawthis article for those of you interested.... this of course doesn't address the point made by those who believe milk is not good for you.

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 13:41:12

we drink this, get it delivered do you pupuce?

pupuce Fri 07-Jan-05 14:26:02

what do you mean ?

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 14:27:58

do you get the milk lol?

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 14:28:05

do you get the milk lol?

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 14:29:22


I get organic milk delivered.

Carla Fri 07-Jan-05 14:35:41

I heard about this on Radio Five this morning. Not sure I can wholeheartly believe it though. Since dd's have been drinking milk that's all I've bought. Now tossy dh has had to do the shopping for the last week, we've just had ordinary.

juniperdewdrop Fri 07-Jan-05 14:39:19

why don't you believe it carla?

GeorginaA Fri 07-Jan-05 14:48:22

We used to have organic milk doorstop delivery but it would go off within a day (which was very frustrating as round here you don't get daily deliveries - just 3 times a week) so we switched to normal...

Carla Fri 07-Jan-05 14:52:11

'cos the study was commissioned by the Soil Association. Don't get me wrong, used to be a member 'till last year, but they obviously have a vested interest in promoting any/everthing organic. If you want to buy organic stuff because you feel it has less c**p in it, fine, but to suggest it has more nutrients in it ... maybe I'm just too sceptical.

pupuce Sun 09-Jan-05 09:07:45

Carla - if you grow vegetables or let animals graze in a fertile field.... would it not have more nutrients ???? That is the issue.... we grow things in fields which are TOO weak so we add fertilizers and other chemicals to boost the growth ! Same for animals !

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