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This way Lou33- Gigglewitch-Jajas-Moosma-Saint George and Staryeyed

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staryeyed Tue 22-Apr-08 17:41:21

This is our new thread.

Where is everyone with their weights? I must confess I haven't done mine but will get it done asap (must still get scales).

So come on ladies post our weights up.......

staryeyed Tue 22-Apr-08 21:29:03

Where are you all?

staryeyed Fri 25-Apr-08 16:01:25

Helllllooooooooooooo. Im not sure if Im talking to myself but I weighed myself today 7st7lbs. Ive not put anything on since last week.

jajas Fri 25-Apr-08 16:04:08

Hello Staryeyed! Sorry I'm here but only briefly. I'm still the same weight I'm afraid, 7 stone 7lbs. Off to eat another muffin covered in butter and marmite!

jajas Fri 25-Apr-08 16:05:15

How tall are you staryeyed as we weigh exactly the same? I'm 5ft 4"

staryeyed Fri 25-Apr-08 16:09:05

Me too.. well 5ft 3 1/2.

staryeyed Mon 28-Apr-08 21:53:43

Where are you all? Only me and Jajas have weighed in. So flakeysmile

staryeyed Tue 29-Apr-08 22:32:18


gigglewitch Tue 29-Apr-08 22:35:03

oooohhhh. blush
I was wondering why the Great Summons. Good one staryeyed.
hmm haven't got weighed. for two weeks or more...
<shuffles off to bathroom to dig out scales>

gigglewitch Tue 29-Apr-08 22:40:57

grin grin
I am a great 8st 8lb wooooo hoooo. [ok, that's dressed]. We've had a weekend away, y'see. done huge cooked breakfast, afternoon tea, big dinner, the lot - five meals worth every day friday to sunday. Now all I have to do is keep it wink
BTW I'm a bit over 5'7 if that counts for anything.
<will be evicted from thread at this rate>

staryeyed Wed 30-Apr-08 10:17:14

Welldone giglewitch you seem to be the winner of this weeks/fortnight weigh in (by default as there are only 3 of us who have added our weights). What was your original weight gigglewitch?


here are the rest of the results of the 1st weigh in:

Staryeyed 7st7 - 7st 7 (0llbs gain)
Jajas- (7st 7 - 7st 7 (0lbs gain)
St george results not in
Lou33 results not in
Moosma results not in

Still time to add more....

SaintGeorge Thu 01-May-08 11:14:20

Just checking in to say I've found the thread smile but now I need to buy some scales. Got my life out of storage but some prat put the scales under everything else, so after weighing my possessions for the last 10 months they have given up the ghost!

Will try to get out and buy some new ones this weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm still scoffing 2 of my luxury yoghurts every day. They are so lush I don't really care if they are helping to add calories or not grin

staryeyed Thu 01-May-08 12:25:20

Also need to buy scales.

So we are just missing Lou33 and Moosma. I will find them [stalkerish look].

gigglewitch Fri 02-May-08 00:58:55

go stalkerstaryeyed. original weight was 8st 5, last time i dared to look hmm which was not in the last fortnight. or month actually.
I really can recommend lazy weekends away with lots of nice nosh. pity we only get one a year <sigh> so actually this is a slightly fraudulent advantage, sorry ladies blush
Thing is, how to keep it on...

BTW, there's a theme going on here about these scales - lost, ignored, neglected and in the case of StG, absolutely tortured grin
Society for the Protection of Weights and Measures will be on to us in no time if they hear of this shock

staryeyed Fri 02-May-08 10:39:57

lol Gigglewitch.

I ate load of chinese last night night. Hopefully that helped my cause.

Now to find the others [puts on trench coat and dark glasses].........

Moosma Fri 02-May-08 20:29:24

I'm here! Thanks for finding me Stary PI

Just getting over the most horrendous stomach bug, spent all of Wednesday night being sick every half hour, didn't eat anything yesterday or most of today. Weighed myself this morning and am 7 stone 13lb, so have lost 3 lbs

Feeling very weak and wobbly still so will be back for next weigh in in a while............

gigglewitch Fri 02-May-08 20:38:08

hi moosma - so that's one less person to stalk for staryeyed over there [she's the one in those awful sunglasses and the mac] grin
sorry to hear you got that bug - a lot of it around at the mo. good luck with getting back onto the planet - and maybe avoid 'wobbling' over to the scales til you've had a few good dinners wink

staryeyed Fri 02-May-08 21:45:50

Have located lou33 she will be along later.

Weighed myself using my mums scales (which I didn't know she had or I wouldn't have had to embarrass myself in the chemist standing on the damn scales which are in full view). Anyway I have added 0.5 lbs [pointlessly proud emoticon]

lou33 Fri 02-May-08 22:43:31

hi i am here

i still have no scales, i need to locate some dont i?

gigglewitch Fri 02-May-08 22:45:29

< applause for The Stalker's bonus Weight Gain. Now she can get off her mum's kitchen scales as it is mighty uncomfortable on there >

Totally justified to be proud of 0.5lb. how rude of you to include the word 'pointless' shockgrin Just think, if you can do that every week <sigh> if only...

staryeyed Sat 03-May-08 11:26:36

lol at the image of me squeezed in a huge bowl on top of kitchen scales.

staryeyed Sat 03-May-08 19:09:34

Im doing frequent snacking -making sure I can fit in as many cals as possible in a day. Im hoping to put on a bit in the next 4 weeks as we are off to turkey at the end of May and I wanna feel a bit more comfortable on the beach than i usually do.

Moosma Sat 03-May-08 20:20:26

7 stone 12 lbs (4 lbs lost down the toilet!) this morning but I'm eating again now so will be back on track on a few days

staryeyed Sun 04-May-08 11:40:27

Good luck moosma- Im sure you will gain it back soon.

staryeyed Mon 05-May-08 19:28:37

I think I have put on more weight. I weighed 7st 9 today. Hoping that my mums scales are accurate.

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