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six year old teething

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wilfulwife Thu 06-Jan-05 20:38:19

Hi,wondered if anyone has had similar problems and can offer advice.My six yr old has suddenly started teething-a molar(?),on the bottom gum.He has been in terrible pain,ie,gum hurting,ear throbbing ,i was even called to th eschool yesterday.He suffered dreadfully as a baby,is this why he is experiencing such pain now?Other children just seem to get these teeth without trouble as far as i can see.I am giving him calpol 6+ and nurofen as directed by pharmacist,it eases pain but only for a few hours,he cant eat either.AArgh,how long will this last??Any advice gratefully accepted.

yoyo Thu 06-Jan-05 20:42:29

You have my sympathy as my DD aged six is also suffering. She is in tears sometimes which makes me feel useless. She hates the taste of bonjela but I was wondering about trying teething granules as they seemed to do the trick when she was a baby.
Anyone know the homeopathic remedy required for this age group?
She's also been gnawing at her cheek so this also painful for her!

wilfulwife Thu 06-Jan-05 20:56:22

i'm sorry to hear that yoyo,but also sort of relieved that it's not just my ds(sorry).I did try the teething granules but they just didn't seem to touch the pain tbh,so i resorted to painkillers.Try rubbing your daugters toes,particularly the fronts,and on th esole along th ebase of the toes-these are reflexology points for teeth,gums,face etc,it does seem to ease things for my ds,if only temporarily.hth.

yoyo Thu 06-Jan-05 23:58:53

Thanks for the tip - I will definitely try that as she is very receptive to touch. We use Calpol too.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Jan-05 00:10:54

Thank you for posting this on here. My ds nearly 5 has been saying he has a sore gum bottom right at back. I have had a feel and it feels like a tooth underneath although it hasnt cut through yet. tbh i hadnt even considered that they get further molars..

Frizbe Fri 07-Jan-05 00:44:33

have you tried the bonjella on the gum route?

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