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If a woman has an ECG------what about bra etc.??????

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RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 12:07:54

can it be underwired?

Do i have to take it off?

Do the sticky things go under or above breasts?

What if I am of voluptuous proportions?


This is at GP surgery not hospital

Can I wear a Tshirt over the top of the stickers once they have been put in place?

DS has had loads of ECGs but obviously not a prob for him grin



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belgo Mon 21-Apr-08 12:10:47

wear a lose fitting, non - underwired bra, and you shouldn't have to take it off. Mostly the stickers can fit aroun it or under it.

A lose t-shirt shouldn't be a problem.

HuwEdwards Mon 21-Apr-08 12:11:44

I had to strip to the waist at my GPs.

BettySpaghetti Mon 21-Apr-08 12:13:12

I wore an underwired bra I think and nothing was said. Kept it on throughout but no T-shirt.

The fire alarm went off during mine so I was lying there wondering if we'd have to evacuate the building with me semi naked grin

coppertop Mon 21-Apr-08 12:13:43

I had to have one a couple of months ago.

I had to take off my (non-wired) bra and any jewellery.

IIRC some of the sticky pads went underneath but perhaps they just ended up there when everything...ahem... 'flopped'. blush

The nurse gave me a cover to put over the top. I imagine it would be tricky to get a T-shirt back on without the pads getting stuck to it. They fell off fairly easily when I had mine.

SixSpotBurnet Mon 21-Apr-08 12:15:27

I've had several and have always had to remove top and bra.

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 12:16:43

Thanks guys

Voluptuous and loose fitting bras don't really go together grin

The only thing is all my bras are underwired so wondering if I should go and buy another one

or just wear this one and think I may have to take it off and hopefully they can put the stickers on with me lifting tshirt up


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belgo Mon 21-Apr-08 12:17:23

A lose t-shirt can be pushed up to the neck without it having to be removed. A bra can be slightly shifted out of position.

I have carried out hundreds of ECGs and have rarely found it necessary to make a woman strip to the waist.

ThursdayNext Mon 21-Apr-08 12:17:51

If they are doing the ECG properly, they will probably want you to take your bra off as they won't be able to position the sticky pads correctly if you are wearing a bra, particularly if you are of voluptous proportions!
Only takes about 5 seconds to do the ECG once sticky pads are positioned so not much point putting a top or cover on.

nancy75 Mon 21-Apr-08 12:19:08

i had an ecg recently, had to take off top and bra and they gave me a sheet to put over myself

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 12:19:26

I can take off my bra down my sleeves and so can take off a bra while still waearing a tshirt or jumper


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ThursdayNext Mon 21-Apr-08 12:19:28

Don't buy another bra, it'll only take two minutes! It'll be fine, honest!

anorak Mon 21-Apr-08 12:20:21

Don't worry Kanga, I had one recently too and it was painless and non-stressful.

belgo Mon 21-Apr-08 12:20:27

no don't buy another bra!

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 12:21:29

oke doke


I will wear my underwired bra and a loose tshirt and hope for the best


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RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 12:23:23

so belgo do the stickers go under the breast or above like nearer the neck

in other words will my breast have to be lifted up to get to the right area


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belgo Mon 21-Apr-08 12:25:35

yes your breast will have to be lifted up to get to the right area - but you can hold it yourself. I'll google a picture of the positions.

MrsBond Mon 21-Apr-08 12:26:42

I've had ECG loads of times (cardiology dept in various hospitals). Always had to strip to waist - I have big boobs and they sometimes have to move boob about to get sticky pad in correct place!

Very quick once in all place. No need to feel embarrassed by bare boobs I'm sure Nurse sees millions of pairs!

Dottydot Mon 21-Apr-08 12:27:09

I had to take mine off for ECGs - and it was mortifying being fitted for a 24 hour tape 'cos I had to stand up - don't mind lying down naked so much, but standing up bra-less and being huge of norkage, I was a bit blush

I've got a dexa scan next week - measures bone density - and the letter says it's a scan on my hip/lower back, but that I can't wear an underwired bra??! I've only got underwired.

So will be prepared for more mortification...

coppertop Mon 21-Apr-08 12:28:15

Poor nurse practically needed scaffolding to move my norks about. blush

cmotdibbler Mon 21-Apr-08 12:35:56

Dotty - the DEXA is done lying down, so just take your bra off once in the room. You can leave the rest of your clothes on unless they have big metal buttons etc

lucykate Mon 21-Apr-08 12:38:35

i've had loads of ecg's ( i have a heart condition), and have always had to take off my bra, strip to the waist and all jewellery removed too

rtk, hope you're ok, nothing serious wrong i hope

LiegeAndLief Mon 21-Apr-08 12:40:30

I had to strip to the waist for mine and removed non-wired bra. Am not of particularly voluptuous proportions but ds was only about 3 months old at the time so as soon as I started thinking "I do hope I don't start leaking", of course, I promptly started leaking milk - but the nurse wasn't bothered in the slightest. I'm sure they have seen it ALL before. She also left the room to get something leaving me semi naked covered in sticky pads hoping very much no one else walked in! Don't worry and good luck.

MehgaLegs Mon 21-Apr-08 12:43:07

What about one of those vest tops with secret support? I know not ideal as every day wear for large norkage but as a one off for the ECG appointment might provide a bit of coverage.

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Apr-08 15:14:34

Thanks guys

We don't know what is wrong with me hence all the blood tests and ECG etc

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