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Raised Blood Spots

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jaynel Sun 20-Apr-08 19:55:05

Hi my 9 year old dd has a red blood spot on her lip, it was flat to start with but is now raised and doesnt disappear when you touch it, she said it doesnt hurt but im a bit concerned, could it be cancerous??

jaynel Sun 20-Apr-08 20:11:46

Overrun Mon 21-Apr-08 15:16:09

did you get it checked out? I have some raised blood spots, which have been on my legs for ages so dr not worried. It can mean an infection, if that is of any help

Sallypoo Mon 28-Jul-08 14:52:10

Hi all,

My son has one of these that has just appear on his cheek, just under his eye. He's just under 7 months old....

Sounds like I should go to the Docs right?

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