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IBS Sorry if TMI

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Prettyfull Sat 19-Apr-08 21:09:16

Hi, I have IBS have been suffering for the past 9 months. When i first had it i had most of the symptoms, diarhoera (sp) bloated tum, major back ache, cramps, tiredness. Diarhoera is my main problem.

I have been to the doctors and have been given meds for bloated tum, cramps and back ache.

I know u can take Imodium for diarhoera but i cant take this on a daily basis. I am finding it impossible to eat anything and its really getting me down! I know my body is already suffering, i can only manage to eat cereal, so three bowls a day for me and thats it. Im not getting enough calories and not enough vitamins, minerals etc

I was advised to keep a diary to see what triggers it but ANYTHING i eat does!!

Just be nice to hear from anyone else suffering with IBS and any ideas/advise?


jalopy Sat 19-Apr-08 21:49:37

Sympathies, prettyfull. I've had it for years and have had some bad times.

Luckily I don't suffer it all the time. I go through phases and stress seems to trigger it off. I can tolerate most foods but as soon as an episode kicks off, some types of food make the diarrhoea much worse. Oranges for example. In good health, oranges are not a problem. I also find that I have to avoid alcohol and sugary foods when I'm going through a bad patch. (Sadly that's when they would be quite useful smile)

I tend to loose weight very quickly when I get flare ups and resort to eating porridge with full milk so as to keep up the calorie intake.

It's a case of trial and error with each episode. I'm sure other people here will be able to give you more advice but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with this horrible condition.

milou2 Sun 20-Apr-08 09:00:13

Mine is very mild, but I can trace it back to the start of secondary school for my ds1. That first week he was there it started. Then it would come on literally every Sunday night. I had never had anything like it before. As the school routine has become less stressful for me and he is clearly liking it there, I don't get it very often now.

So what I'm saying is, can you look at the stress triggers, if that is relevant for you.

greeneyedgirl Sun 20-Apr-08 11:57:16

I suffer from IBS and my main trigger is stress, and obviously that makes IBS worse, viscious circle! I have cut wheat out my diet and that seems to have cured my bloating and day to day diahorrea, but I still get an upset tummy when I am stressed (e'g when due to go out in tha car for a long time, new job, interviews, even just going to a restaraunt sets me off sometimes). About 8 years ago I went on an exclusion diet and cut out wheat, dairy, MSG, overly fatty foods etc, it was hard, but did work for about 2 yrs.

I know that I need to be able to relax and I am going to start a relaxation routine tonight to see if that helps. Maybe you could try something similar. But I would recommend the exclusion diet for starters, it can really help. But if you ever need a shoulder, I am happy to talk (just posted in the depression forum about my IBS and anxiety), as I know how hard it is to live with.

SmugColditz Sun 20-Apr-08 11:59:26

It's stress, and when you clear the stress, you should find the diarrhoea goes with it.

I had had raging diarrhoea for 14 months when ex finally left. It was gone within a week.

ipodtherforipoor Sun 20-Apr-08 12:03:13

you can take immodium everyday - my mum is on 6 a day to help with chrons disease control.

SmugColditz Sun 20-Apr-08 12:04:09

And I was prescribed daily immodium. Go and get it prescribed, but also try to sink the stress.

TheArmadillo Sun 20-Apr-08 12:05:09

mine is bad and dairy makes it worse but I always crave dairy whne it's bad.

I find living off vege soup makes it better.

Stress definately makes mine much worse, and my period affects it as well.

CrackerOfNuts Sun 20-Apr-08 12:09:45

Prettyfull, I have recently been told I have IBS and I am finding it very hard going, as like you, anything seems to set it off, and I get stomach cramps and diarhoea every morning.

I also have the backache and tiredness.

Mine is definatly at it's worst when I am stressed and/or anxious about something, but it's a vicous circle, as I feel anxious all of the time at the mo because of the IBS.

I have been given colafac to take before each meal, but I this hasn't really done anything to imporve things. I have also been given codine for the cramps, as a side effect of these is constipation and so the gp said this should then help stop the diarhea. Only problem is, they make me feel woozy.

I do usually end up having to take immodium a couple of times a week at the mo.

SmugColditz Sun 20-Apr-08 12:10:51

Oh and try not to eat fatty foods, crisps went straight through me which was bloody painful at the other end!

CrackerOfNuts Sun 20-Apr-08 12:12:12

Tbh I am finding it really hard to not eat stuff that I like, even if it will end up giving me cramps, because the list of what doesn't give me cramps is so short and boring.

miffymum Sun 20-Apr-08 12:13:35

Agree about the stress thing. Mine flared up terribly when stressed with work - not helpful. Relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are a good idea to cope with stress.

I was prescribed colpermin as well - it's concentrated peppermint which helped a bit. You could always try drinking peppermint tea, if you're not already - can help sometimes. Other really simple foods might work for you too - things like rice and potatoes should be easy to digest. Cereal can have a lot of fibre which might make the diahorrea (sp?) worse, although obviously only you know what suits you. I also found pro-biotic yoghurt helpful as it replaces some of the good bacteria in the gut - doesn't work overnight though. If you have the time/money try accupuncture, it sorted my IBS out totally.

SmugColditz Sun 20-Apr-08 12:26:40

I found chicken rissoto easy, tasty and SO soothing!

Tommy Sun 20-Apr-08 12:32:12

thank god it's not just me then.... Have been meaning to start a thread on this for ages
I have the diorrhea (sp?) whatever I eat. The GP said to eat lots of veg but I do that and every morning it's the same story sad

I found the pro biotic yogurt made me burp sad

SmugColditz Sun 20-Apr-08 12:42:21

I found probiotic yog no help, veg made it worse (bananas didn't though)

Lots of white bread, rice, gentle tummy-buggy food, and eat it slowly. eat it alone, if at all possible because eating with kids stresses your digestion

CrackerOfNuts Sun 20-Apr-08 13:45:29

Veg makes mine 100 times worse.

Prettyfull Sun 20-Apr-08 13:46:30

Hi thanks for all your replys.

I do have imodium and do take it sometimes but i try not to as when i first had this IBS 9 months back, i was suffering with raelly bad diaharoa and had just started out in a new relationship, so instead of dealing with kept taking the imodium on a daily basis, i ended up totally constipated and in sooo much pain!

I am a very anxious person and i am rather stressed out at the momment. I feel so down recently and im trying to snap myself out of it, but its hard.

CrackerofNuts,...what does the colofac do? I was jus given pain killers for back, and somthing for the heartburn and bloating.

I raelly hope this doesnt go on much longer, its a horrible thing to have to deal with and i didnt realise so any people suffered with it.

I exercise regulary and i think that helps, im basically living on cereal at the momment and wondered what everyone eats??

Greeneyedgirl,...what did you eat on this exclusion diet? Iv never heard of it??

Thanks again x

liath Sun 20-Apr-08 13:48:50

It also worth asking your GP for a blood test for coeliac disease, it's a lot more common than people (and doctors!) think and anyone with IBS symptoms should be tested.

flamingtoaster Sun 20-Apr-08 13:56:01

I would like to second what liath has said - I was just about the post exactly the same thing.

greeneyedgirl Sun 20-Apr-08 17:27:17

Well, I would start with the 2 basics, which are dairy and wheat, which are what most people are sensitive (not allergic) to. This means cutting out bread, crackers, cakes, biscuits, pasta, flour based sauces, gravy etc for wheat, then changing your normal milk for soya milk(which isn't too bad when you get used to it), it's really a case of always reading ingredients before buying. To be honest, all supermarkets/health food shops now have "free from" sections, so you can find alternatives to almost everything (the corn pasta is nice).

The good thing is you can still have easy to make stuff like stir fries, roasts, ooh and dark chocolate...yummmy! I have found that my system can tolerate veg, but not fruit and orange juice especially kills me, along with any type of alcohol! It takes a while, but eventually you will begin to see what things are triggers for you. Hope this helps!

Iworryalot Mon 21-Apr-08 14:01:43

Hi I to just been diagnosed with I.B.S. .went to see gastro man last week assured me nothing bad going on , as been having bad BM for over year now ,same as you all mine but also shreedy, soft and floating sometimes with oily look ? anyone els ? .all started when DS gave the whole family bad tummy bug wiped through us all was awful ....
Have to have the camera you know whereshock ,he did mention cieliac D , but thinks it is I.B.S and wants me to see dietician as well .

hellion Mon 21-Apr-08 21:16:36

I have had this for a couple of years. Sometimes it is worse that others - it especially tends to flare up before my period.

Things I have found make it worse include

Weetabix (didn't realise this until recently)
Alcohol - esp red wine
Any processed food or pre-packaged food
Certain cereals (porridge is ok - sorry!)
Eating out at some restaurants (god knows what the restuarants put in the food to start it)

Plus most of which has been mentioned above -might try the peppermint tea though. I did get some tablets from the doctors called Spasmonal which weree some help.Good luck - hope it improves.

Iworryalot Tue 22-Apr-08 07:13:09

thanks do you or anyone get slight oil laying on water after BM /?i do from time to time after roast dinners usually , gastro doc asked me and i didnt know what he ment but now thinking about it i do ? hmm
is it part of IBS. ?looked up on internet shockand saw obout orange oil droplets is pancriace (cant spell sorry ) problems .
any ideas?

greeneyedgirl Tue 22-Apr-08 17:41:16

IWA it is probably just mucous, this is extremely common in IBS sufferers, I wouldn't think it is anything to worry about. Also could be that the food just isn't digesting very well, that is pretty common too I believe.

Iworryalot Tue 22-Apr-08 18:33:27

Thanks ,i feel a bit better , not looking forward to the camera thingblush im also wondering if i have trouble absorbing ? looked up on internet and could be this , i have had low ferritin diagnosed last year and also get really bad sugar drops and the shakes , i think if im no t absorbing right vitamins in my diet through my food that i should be, i will have Bm like this and feel the way i do hmm

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