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know anything about haemangiomas please?

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triplets Wed 05-Jan-05 20:59:01

My best friend who is in her 401s has suffered from these all of her life, I know they are not neccessarily dangerous but she is now finding them frequently and has trouble in the medical profession listening to her. She is desperately trying to find a specialist in this field, she lives in Cornwall but will travel to London, can anyone help please?

triplets Thu 06-Jan-05 21:13:51

Oh I was soooooo hoping for some help on this one, my poor friend is getting desperate.

tamum Thu 06-Jan-05 21:30:40

triplets, I do know someone who has done quite a lot of research on them but he's a geneticist/paediatrician not a dermatologist. He's at Guy's. I could try and get in touch with him?

triplets Thu 06-Jan-05 23:46:00

Thanks Tamum,
I think my friend was told originally she would be seen by a vascular surgeon. She is 43 and has had a histiory of these things since childhood, they are now becoming more frequent.

yoyo Thu 06-Jan-05 23:53:14

My daughter has one on her neck which our GP tried to freeze without success.

Tamum - is your friend's research published? If so, where?

DD is very self-conscious about it especially as satellites appear to be forming around the original site.

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