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babies high temp

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TracyK Wed 05-Jan-05 19:19:03

this is 2nd day for poor ds high temp. v. tired and wailing some of the time. poor appetite - but will b/f. after calpol will be quite chirpy for a little time. no spots - yet!
any ideas?

happynewessbee Wed 05-Jan-05 19:42:39

Message withdrawn

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 05-Jan-05 19:46:59

DT1 had this over new year. I think it's just a bug, but worth getting him checked out at the GPs. My GP said that DT1 probably had a viral something, but took a urine sample to rule out a urine infection. Have you been to the GP yet?

happynewessbee Wed 05-Jan-05 19:47:50

Message withdrawn

TracyK Wed 05-Jan-05 19:59:18

ds is 10 mo and his temp today before calpol was 38.8.
haven't been to gp yet - is there anything he could do - I'm sure its just one of the bugs thats been going round this winter.

happynewessbee Wed 05-Jan-05 20:05:09

Message withdrawn

TracyK Wed 05-Jan-05 20:06:03

how does the doc take a urine sample?

happynewessbee Wed 05-Jan-05 20:07:21

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Wed 05-Jan-05 20:08:02

My ds3 had a temp before Xmas - was quite unrecognisable with it - but also had a cough too and was sick. The doctor said he had a chest infection, gave him anti-biotics and he was fully recovered within about 5 days. Yes the doctor can do something and with one so young, it is worth taking him and getting your mind put at rest.

Grizzly Wed 05-Jan-05 21:36:12

My Ds in 16 months and had a high temp before xmas (38.7). All he wanted to do was sit on the sofa, cuddle me and doze. He sat still for about 5 hours which scared me silly - he normally won't cuddle at all or sit still for more than 2 minutes (literally). I had to insist on a GP appointment as they were so busy with colds/flus etc and they found a chest infection. Antibiotics fixed him within 24 hours. If it ever happens again I would insist on seeing GP sooner rather than later.

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