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perioral dermatits - anyone have any experience of this

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supersonic Wed 05-Jan-05 14:00:45

I have suffered with this since I was about 13-14 but only had it diagnosed 2 years ago as I went to Bupa to see a dermatologist - before this the Dr just said it was a teenage thing etc. I was so relieved to be finally told what it was (although it is not a constant thing - it comes and goes but stays around for a long time) and I was given an antibiotic called tetrocycline - this worked but it really flared the rash up (which is on my face so I am very conscious) before beginning to show an improvement. I am sooo aware of this on my face I am embarassed to go out - but have no choice a smy DD starts nursery tomorrow so I will be meeting new mums and am not myself because I am trying to hide from people. I am thinking o fusing the antibiotics again but trying to find a time when I won't have to venture out when it becomes really bad is hard. I am unsure whether a tanning booth would help or make it worse - I want to use it because I am have such fair skinthe redness really stands out - my mad theory is if my skin was darker the redness would not be so prominent - I have read previously that Uv light can help but thinking about it I think it may be UVB so I would appreciate any information and/or advice from anyone as I am realy beginning to feel quite isolated and my confidence is draining away. I can't even discuss it with my partner a I am so embarrased to draw attention to it (its bad enough he has to see it at all) Please help!

singsong Thu 06-Jan-05 19:44:40

I don’t know if UV light will help your condition, it would be a good idea to ask your dermatologist because they should be trained about light therapies. However I do know that tetracycline can cause increased sensitivity of skin to light as a side effect so it would not be a good idea to use the light at the same time as the antibiotics.

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