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Head Scratching

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Harrysmom Tue 04-Jan-05 16:57:03

My 6 month old DS scratches his forehead when he's tired and is making a right mess of it! He can whip off the scratch mits quicker than I can get them on! I'm putting "Salcura" on the marks to sooth them. Anybody else had this problem?

singsong Thu 06-Jan-05 19:48:20

Yes I’ve had this problem. My ds is 5 months and I’ve given up on the scratch mits now. I just keep his nails short and this seems to minimise the damage.

MrsBigD Thu 06-Jan-05 19:58:50

ds 4months has a tendency to literally claw at his face. I simply keep his nails REALLY short and he only ends up with the odd war wound

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