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Intimate Itching - sorry if TMI

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Ihaventaclue Sun 13-Apr-08 21:15:21

I'm having a very itchy time "down below" and know its not thrush (done 2 treatments and no difference)

I haven't changed soap, keeping myself clean etc but am still very itchy - I almost feel like I've stratched myself red raw sad so when I had a look, it just looks inflamed.

I don't itch inside, just all around the entrance to my fanjo blush

I really don't want to see my GP blush.....any ideas ladies?


Furball Mon 14-Apr-08 07:21:00

there was a thread here on a similar note

daisym Mon 14-Apr-08 09:02:46

I posted a similiar thread last week too! I also have the dreaded itch which is mainly round the bottom area. Not the (sorry for TMI)anus but more the skin round it. I too have had the area probed by about 4 gps all of who say its definitely not piles and just prescribed steroid cream which did absolutely nothing despite me religiously applying it. I can totally relate to the scratching yourself to bits scenario. It got to the point where I couldnt sit still without wiggling my bum for some relief! Its so embarrassing isnt it? A helpful mumsnetter recommended I go to a sexual health clinic (even though I know its not an STI) as they will take it more seriously than gps and refer you to a dermatologist. I recently stopped using bath oil or any form of cream in my baths or showers and I must say (dread typing this in case it jinxs it) things have improved. I can now walk without the inside of my bum chafing me to bits and driving myself mad with wanting to scratch.

Let me know how you get on, such a relief to know this is a common problem though not much help for us poor sufferers.

pigleto Mon 14-Apr-08 09:20:44

Live yoghurt (plain not fruity) straight from the fridge on a pad is very soothing. It can also help tackle bacteria if they are the problem. Make sure you are not over washing, once a day with plain water is enough.

You have my sympathy.

Ihaventaclue Mon 14-Apr-08 10:33:09

That other thread is very helpful - and other suggestions - thanks ladies smile

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It is sending me mad. I put some canesten on last night and I still itch this morning sad

I'll try some of the suggestions then see if GP if I really have to.

I'm getting very irrational thoughts about vulval cancer but think you have to be elderly for that. blush

Just need to calm down and make GP appointment.

getmeouttahere Mon 14-Apr-08 15:10:47

<< sneaks in with comedy disguise... >>

When my bottom was as itchy as described above, it turned out to be threadworms.

<< runs away >>

ROSEgarden Mon 14-Apr-08 15:13:37

i also get this when i use ANYTHING in my bath, ANY sope other than 'simple' and if i use a new powder in wash..i cant ever use bubble bath and even the dove soap we are presently using makes me wiggle aroundblush..ive not found a total solution yet so sorry, but wanted to say you're not alonsmile

ROSEgarden Mon 14-Apr-08 15:14:50

oh an it ONLY started after having dd...5 years ago on friday!..i thought it was thrush at first and used endless amounts of canesten, have all sorts of swabs and tests..they showed NOTHING!??

scorpio1 Mon 14-Apr-08 15:18:40

Could be BV.... here

or lichen sclerosis here

Ihaventaclue Thu 17-Apr-08 08:47:57

Thanks for those links Scorpio (sorry wasn't ignoring you - just haven't been around)....things have calmed down slightly as I've been trying very hard not to scratch, so will try and make myself go to the GPs next week.

Definitely not worms, its my fanjo and surrounding area that itches rather than my backside hmmblush

daisym Thu 17-Apr-08 13:06:30

Yes, I used to be completely itch free before having my first baby. Wonder why after pregnancy random bits of your body start itching? They certainly dont include this in all the mother & baby books!

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