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I feel odd

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Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:35:03

I feel very shaky and nervy today and i don't know why.
I was ok until about 15 minutes ago but now i feel very od.

My hands are a bit shaky, my heart is banging away and my stomach is doing summersaults.

Moomina Tue 04-Jan-05 10:36:06

Low blood sugar? I often feel a bit like that if I haven't eaten in a while. Have you had a proper breakfast, young lady?

BubblesDeVere Tue 04-Jan-05 10:36:21

Do you suffer depression? If so have you had a bad couple of days? did you sleep ok?

MarsLady Tue 04-Jan-05 10:37:12

have you given up caffine? have you had anything to eat or drink this morning?

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:37:37

Have had a cup of tea and 2 peices of toast for brekkie

Bubbles - I do off and on yeah. I slept fine though, didn't get up until 9.30. Mind you didn't go to bed until 1.30.

Gobbledigook Tue 04-Jan-05 10:39:03

Definitely sounds like you are hungry - it sounds like how I got when I was pregnant and hungry - you know when you are pregnant you seem to have sudden and quite severe hunger/starvation!! Well, I did anyway - it'd be like one minute fine and the next minute I had to eat or I'd pass out!

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:41:43

Yeah but i'm not pregnant Gobble and i have had brekkie.
I only ususally have 2 peices of toast and don't normally feel like this.

MarsLady Tue 04-Jan-05 10:44:02

Are you worried about something? Any unusual stress going on? (I may sound like it, but I'm not a doctor)

Whizzz Tue 04-Jan-05 10:44:51

Low blood pressure ? Is it any better when you sit / lie down ?

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:45:02

Marslady - I am always worried about something or other. Have the usual money, relationship probs going on, but nothing out of the ordinary, for me anyway.

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:45:45

Well i am sitting down, when actually thinking about it, it seems worse. If i'm doing something it's not as bad.

BubblesDeVere Tue 04-Jan-05 10:46:22

I sometimes feel like that if I have had a restless night and not had enough sleep.

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 10:50:31

Am gonna go and have a quick wash and get dressed, see if that helps at all.

MarsLady Tue 04-Jan-05 11:25:20

How are you doing Nutcracker?

Amanda3266 Tue 04-Jan-05 11:28:01

Nutcracker, this sounds like a panic attack to me. I get them sometimes and my first one ever came out of the blue. When I say "out of the blue" I mean I wasn't especially anxious/worried at that time. It could also be low blood sugar though but if you've eaten it's unlikely. Try blowing into a paper bag 10-20 times (sounds mad but it often works)and see if you feel any better.


Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 11:32:01

Ok am washed and dressed now but still feeling shakey.

Don;t have a paper bag Mandy so can't try that.

Maybe i am more stressed/worried about stuff than i thought.

The kids go back to school tommorow so that should calm me down a bit.

colditzmum Tue 04-Jan-05 11:37:30

Sounds like a panic attack to me too. Here is a way of breatghing that works on my panic attacks.

Breathe in for a count of 7, breathe out for a count of 11. It doesn't much matter how slow, but slowly may calm you quicker. If you feel you will suffocate if you breathe slowly, fast is ok. It's the rhythm that is supposed to help, it mimics sleeping breathing rhythm apparantly..

BTW, my attacks often happen months after the actual stressful event, and my trigger is worrying about money. A lot of people have a trigger, and often you can't avoid it.

Another way to help a panic attack is to know that it is hyperventilation that makes you feel dizzy, and it CANNOT harm you. Even if you pass out, while you are unconcious your breathing will become normal again and you will regain conciousness very quickly, within seconds. I hope this helps, I know how nasty they can be.

Nutcracker Tue 04-Jan-05 11:39:31

Thanks will try that.

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