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Dh in hospital again with pneumonia.

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misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 17:07:23

After being discharged Xmas eve we were hoping dh wouldnt have to go back in. But the last few nights he has been really rough, so this morning he went back to hospital. The pneumonia appears to have spread to the right lung, before it has only ever been in the left lung, as x-rays have always shown right to be clear, left is always shadowed by his enlarged heart.

How can it have spead after 1 week of IV anti biotics and strong oral anti biotics? surely it should be going away now, not getting worse?

codswallop Mon 03-Jan-05 17:09:50

OH no thtas awful

I have had it and I felt gtim. antibotics worked fast one me. think they often neeed to juggle around to see whyich is hte best

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 17:10:21

Message withdrawn

roller Mon 03-Jan-05 17:10:46

Can only say, hope he makes a full and lasting recovery v soon.

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 17:10:57

He only finished the anti biotics 2 days ago. thats what frustrating.

Titania Mon 03-Jan-05 17:11:41

really feel for you all........hope he is better soon {{{HUGS}}}

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 03-Jan-05 17:11:52

Oh, how awful misdee - your poor dh.

I hope they sort it out once and for all.

kid Mon 03-Jan-05 17:12:55

Oh No, thats terrible. I hope the hospital can sort it out quickly, maybe he needs a different type of antibiotics?
Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Potty1 Mon 03-Jan-05 17:19:01

Sorry to hear this misdee, what's happening with the transplant assessment?

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 17:20:06

not had the letter from harefield yet. still waiting.

maddiemo Mon 03-Jan-05 17:23:19

Sorry that the pneumonia has not cleared.
I guess he will be back to really strong IV antibiotics. Hope it clears this time.

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 18:00:28

He will be in a few days definatly as they have done blood cultures (again) and they take a few days to start showing anything. Just the fact something is now showing on x-ray, in a way is good, as dh was worried he was paranoid as all other x-rays etc have been clear.

One of the nurses recongised him, and was really shocked he was back in. seems like he is a regular there now.

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 18:02:08

so sorry to hear this misdee (((hugs))) to you all.

pixiefish Mon 03-Jan-05 18:23:52


sparklymieow Mon 03-Jan-05 18:28:07

at least they knew this time misdee, Need help with the girls again?

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 03-Jan-05 18:32:03


Got my fingers crossed for a fast recovery and speedy return home. xxx

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 18:57:14

will be needing loads of help this week mieow. i have midwife appt and appointment at guys, tho think i'm covered for guys. just general lifts, and dd1 starts school weds, so will only be dd2 to worry about really.

I'm so lucky to have you guys helping me

scaltygirl Mon 03-Jan-05 19:13:51

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 03-Jan-05 19:15:59

Oh misdee ... wishing you all strength

YG is right, it is a case of leaving a little infection and wham its right back up there and you need another course

ladymuck Mon 03-Jan-05 19:22:20

So sorry to hear this misdee.

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 20:19:18

can i give up now?

misdee Mon 03-Jan-05 20:29:14

just spoke to his mum, they missed in the side room so he didnt get any dinner!!

not that he'd be able to keep it down, but FFS!!

maomao Mon 03-Jan-05 20:32:52

sallystrawberry Mon 03-Jan-05 20:39:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zebra Mon 03-Jan-05 20:48:58

A lot of bugs are anti-biotic resistant nowadays, Misdee.
Really feel for you, I found it traumatic when my DH had pneumonia, & at least he wasn't hospitalised -- although he reminded me yesterday that he was off work 5 weeks with it.

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