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worried about my DH, any advise would be appreciated

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Beccles Mon 03-Jan-05 16:13:02

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Mon 03-Jan-05 16:18:31

By Tuesday, do they mean tomorrow?

roller Mon 03-Jan-05 16:19:00

I do not know anything except YOU are not happy, AND your DH is not at all well... If it were me I would go to casualty they could do blood tests I just feel waiting a day when you are not happy and the symptoms are making him so ill he has to take to his bed and you are worrying justify going to casualty. They may not be too busy with any luck and at the very least you would get a second opinion and not have to worry tonight and delay a blood test. Sorry can't be helpful. Whatever you decide to do I hope he recovers soon.

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 16:29:30

Agree, go to A&E if you're really worried hun, hope he picks up soon xx

pinkdiamond Mon 03-Jan-05 16:49:03

Message withdrawn

tribpot Mon 03-Jan-05 16:56:31

You could phone NHS Direct, although I hear they have a reputation for saying either "it's nothing, see your GP if you're worried" or "go to A&E IMMEDIATELY", not much in between.

I'd go to A&E as well, although you could have quite a wait on your hands with it being a Bank Holiday. If you have blood taken at the GP tomorrow it'll be at least a few days before they have any results through.

Hope dh feels better soon.

SofiaAmes Mon 03-Jan-05 17:54:27

My dh had similar symptoms (though no nausea) a few years ago. We went to gp who sent us straight to a&e with a letter saying see this man immediately as I am concerned he has meningitis. They did see my dh immediately and luckily all he had was a bad cold. I would definitely go straight to a&e and tell them the symptoms and say that you are concerned about meningitis...better safe than sorry.

Snugs Mon 03-Jan-05 22:31:14

Beccles - if you haven't already, please take your Dh to A & E.

This happened to me 3 years ago - and it was meningitis. My symptoms were very similar - the headache got so bad I starting slurring my words (my mum was visiting at the time and afterwards admitted she thought I had had a stroke). I was initially given a strong painkiller and a shot of antibiotics at A & E. They thought at first it was a bounce-back migraine but after doing a lumbar puncture, it turned out to be viral meningitis.

Sorry - not trying to worry you too much, but do think you should get this checked out.

snowyduck Mon 03-Jan-05 22:33:29

could he have flu? I had flu once and i can honestly say i have never had headache like it or felt so ill in my life
i second what everyone else has said though, that he should get looked at to be sure.

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 22:37:28

how's things beccles, just wondering as you haven't posted?

Beccles Tue 04-Jan-05 10:56:28

Message withdrawn

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