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poo question (sorry!!!!)

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Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 18:53:44

dd's is very pale at the mo. I'm sure i read something on here about it being to do with not breaking down fats properly. Is this because she's eaten so much crap over xmas??

Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 18:54:03

(pale as in whitish.....)

codswallop Sun 02-Jan-05 18:54:34

too much milk imo

Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 18:58:19

she's hardly had any, she drinks more water than anything else....... prob should say also she's just turned 3

juniperdewdrop Sun 02-Jan-05 19:11:35

how long's it been like it?

Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 19:16:53

only the last couple of days.... she's well otherwise

mckenzie Sun 02-Jan-05 19:26:01

Accordingly to Dr gillian McKeith....
"If your stools are light beige incolour of have a yellow appearance it's a sign that you have difficulty digesting fatty foods. You are also most likely deficient in essential fatty acids, the good fats.
Eat more foods with EFAs to help to metabolize the fats. Add fish, avocados, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sea vegetables such as nori and dulse to your diet.
Sprinkling 1 tablespoon of flax seeds over salad will also help normalise your stools."

That's from the 'You are what you eat' book.

Zephyrcat Sun 02-Jan-05 19:55:32

Thank you for that - that's what i remebered from another thread and figured that it was possibly from all the junk she has eaten over xmas. Hopefully a few decent meals and veggies will get her back on track!!

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