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Just joined a Vurgin Active gym - as a family too :)

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Hulababy Sun 02-Jan-05 18:20:12

We are going to get healthy this year. Well, me and Dh anyway. DD (2y 8m) is already fit and healthy.

Was really nice and so family friendly. DD can use a gym for now, but once she is 3 (3 months time) we pay £10 a month for her, and she then gets up to 2 hours of sessions a day to use - soft play, studio clases, computer room, arts and crafts - and unlimited swiming in the children's pool and certain times in main pool.

For now there's a creche or me and Dh will take turns to swim and gym. And after work.

I am keen to have a go at the climbing wall - looks great fun and I remember enjoying it as a teenager when I had a go.

Looking forward to having a go at it all now. Have my induction on Tuesday. Been swimming with DH and DD already this afternoon, straight after joiniing. We both got quite a bit of swimming done, taking it in turns to be with DD, who also had a great time. She seems really confident in water and was happy to just float and doggy paddle on her own, with just arm bands to support.

I will get fit!!!

juniperdewdrop Sun 02-Jan-05 18:22:37

Oh that sounds fantastic I wish the gym near to us had those sort of facilities. I think I may have found a ladies only gym with a creche?

btw how did your christmas lunch go? You went out to a pub didn't you? Ours went well, definitely think this is the way to go as it's much less hassle.

Hulababy Sun 02-Jan-05 18:27:13

Glad to hear you had a good time. Our meal was fantastic Way too much food though, but lovely. Will do it again next year I think.

juniperdewdrop Sun 02-Jan-05 18:38:23

Glad to hear yours was good too I can eat a lot so managed ok

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