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Another dental abcess....

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Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 15:49:12

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sun 02-Jan-05 15:51:22

OMG, poor you yorkiegirl- you need to sort this out properly. I'd phone the docs firth thing Tuesday and get yourself down there and get them to sort a blood test out for you to find out why you keep getting these infections. Once one gets you down then the others just attack

JanH Sun 02-Jan-05 15:51:40

Oh, YG, you poor thing!

As it's visible, maybe it's not so acute and may be easier to treat? Hope so. Of course it would be now, with another bank hol tomorrow...good luck. XXX

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 15:53:01

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 17:51:44

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 02-Jan-05 18:30:31

YG - poor you. I really sympathise.

I've just finished my 8TH lot of antibiotics in the space of 3 months(all to do with dental abcesses, infections etc). I feel completely wiped out and just seem to be getting everything.

(((cyberhug)) to you, Hope you can get to the dentist fast and get sorted, but as you say, it will be another round of antibiotics first no doubt.

Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 19:15:47

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 02-Jan-05 20:44:48

I've only ever been given metronidazole and amoxcyllin. Are there other more specific ones for dental probs?

jasper Mon 03-Jan-05 01:00:00

Top or bottom tooth? How far back? Is the lump right where the tooth meets gum or further towards the tip of the root?
Is the tooth sore or just the gum?Is it sore to press the tooth?

is the lump well defined/raised up?
If so it is likely to burst easily and that will give you some relief.

Bathe your mouth with hot salty water (omit the salt if you can't stand it)

The heat will help draw the infection out .

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 09:37:47

Message withdrawn

jasper Mon 03-Jan-05 13:26:14

Yes , either that or just get the thing taken out!
Did you try bathing your mouth with hot water? Did it help?

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 14:15:31

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 14:16:38

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 14:17:53

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 14:19:34

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 14:21:21

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 14:22:45

Message withdrawn

jasper Mon 03-Jan-05 22:14:27

Hi Yorkiegirl. hope you are feeling better.
Get that free treatment while you can!
I am not aware of any evidence that breastfeeding is detrimental to your teeth.

However I am aware there is a stack or anecdotal evidence that pregnancy and motherhood knackers your whole body completely

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 22:17:26

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 05-Jan-05 08:31:08

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 05-Jan-05 09:07:54

Oh, good luck, YG - I was going to look for this thread today - fingers crossed you don't need any more root canal work.

jasper Wed 05-Jan-05 20:49:35

how did it go?

Yorkiegirl Wed 05-Jan-05 21:56:26

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 05-Jan-05 22:01:18

It's not me you're asking, is it, YG?

Shame it happened over Christmas so you had to leave it so long...hope the ab's will shift it completely and then it will all settle down.

Yorkiegirl Wed 05-Jan-05 22:04:20

Message withdrawn

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