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Oat in bath for itchy son - Advise?

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pupuce Sat 01-Jan-05 16:13:54

DS is very itchy - dry skin... we're on holiday abroad.
I was wondering if I wouldn't run a bath for him tonight with oat in a sock under the tap.... IYSWIM??????
1. would that help?
2. how do you do that excatly?

pupuce Sat 01-Jan-05 16:17:25

Just saw this on the web:
simply put 1/2 cup of whole oats into a nylon stocking and hang it from the faucet as you let warm bath water run over it.

KateandtheElves Sat 01-Jan-05 16:18:10

Poor thing!

Does this help?

We use this product in these situations. Any chance you can get hold of something like that?

pupuce Sat 01-Jan-05 16:20:26

Thanks Kate- I know about Aveeno but it's 1/1/05 and shops are closed here + I am not sure they sell it in this country. Your first link is useful.Thanks !

WigWamBam Sat 01-Jan-05 18:38:51

We just tie the oatmeal into a muslin bag or the foot of some old tights and hang it under the taps, then put it in the water while in the bath.

pupuce Mon 03-Jan-05 15:18:10

We did this and it worked a treat he hasn't complained let alone scratched !

Iloveromance Mon 03-Jan-05 15:29:35

Message withdrawn

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