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ds has virus and wont eat or drink

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bez Sat 01-Jan-05 10:53:40


Happy New Year to everyone.

Ds has had a terrible cold for two weeks. He is nearly 1 now and won't eat or drink, just breastfeed. Seems to be getting really skinny and am worried about dehydration and malnutrition. Can anyone help. he will have the odd bit of fruit, thats all, won't eat more than once a day

winterwarmmummer Sat 01-Jan-05 11:43:50

Don't worry, just keep the sips of water/breastmilk going in as often as you can. Keep him quiet and give lots of cuddles. If you are really worried, then don't hesitate to seek help, either from your doc. or the local a&e.

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Sat 01-Jan-05 11:51:16

bez... at least he's breastfeeding so won't dehydrate completely. Try and get some dyralite and get it into him might help him feel better.

But if it persists defo go and see the GP Hope he's better soon.

Happy New Year

californiagirl Sat 01-Jan-05 20:04:29

DD (10 months) has a high fever and had a febrile seizure; the Dr. asked if she was drinking OK, and when I said she was nursing normally, she said that nursing was the best hydration and I shouldn't worry about anything else as long as she was nursing OK.

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