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Cold foot after knee dislocation?

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Peckarollover Fri 31-Dec-04 21:09:00

My sister has severly dislocated her knee after being knocked over a week ago.

She has now come home.

Tonight her knee is feeling very uncomfortable (understandably!) and her foot is very cold up to the ankle - is this ok?

Shall we raise/lower the leg?

Kittypickle Fri 31-Dec-04 21:21:50

Hi Becca - I just popped in for a moment, saw this and a message on MSN but just in case you didn't read it. I think you need to get this checked out tonight. It's probably an idea to ring the hospital and ask to speak to someone on the ward she was on and see what they say.

nailpolish Fri 31-Dec-04 22:05:37


is the colour of the foot still pink? does she have pins and needles or numbness/

i think this needs to be checked out asap. its difficult to know what to do best without seeing the foot but she needs to have it seen to tonight i should imagine.

the best way to go about it is to phone nhs direct - the hospitals etc will be EXTREMELY busy but they may be able to get an appt. let me know how you get on

nailpolish Fri 31-Dec-04 22:06:31

or nhs 24 it might be called where you live

Peckarollover Fri 31-Dec-04 22:13:44

The foot is starting to warm up a bit now but it feels like pins and needles

nailpolish Fri 31-Dec-04 22:23:58

there may be a prob with the circulation. what colour is her foot?

put your two fingers in the gap between the bones of the big toe and the one next to it, just below the toes, can you feel a pulse? it maybe quite faint, thats ok

Kittypickle Sat 01-Jan-05 08:37:29

Happy New Year Becca, how's her foot ?

Peckarollover Sat 01-Jan-05 08:45:50

Hi HNY everyone

Thank you for the advice about the foot we didnt take her in last night as the foot started to warm up but im a bit concerned that we havent been told what is ok and what is dangerous so im going to ring today to get some advice, there was obviously something dodgy going on as it went very pale and numb too for a while

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