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baba's poo is runny for the past 3 weeks

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biglips Fri 31-Dec-04 13:40:33

had she got a tummy bug? she is 3 months old tmrw (aww bless her!) but she is happy and alert and no temperature. Some days its nice and solid(ish) and other days its very runny....she changed her milk over from gold sma to white sma when she was 8 wks old.

ChicPea Sat 01-Jan-05 01:28:15

If you were breastfeeding, I would ask you if her runny poo coincided with foods you ate. As she is on formula, and it maybe a stupid question, are you scrupulous in your sterilisation of bottles? I ask because somebody was helping me when my DD was 4mths and I discovered she wasn't doing it as I had shown her and she had different dirty nappies than I had seen before.

biglips Sat 01-Jan-05 03:32:17

i only breastfed baba for 2 days and then she went onto bottles. i wash her bottles in warm soapy water and rinse it out with tap water and each sterlisation i pour the old water out and put in new water with the measurement cup. so i am careful and i dont touch her teats as when she was 6 days old she had mouth thrush cos i didnt know how to use the sterlisation properly till midwife taught me. i think its the germs that she is picking up by sucking her hands all the time

ChicPea Sun 02-Jan-05 22:10:14

Golly biglips, you were up later than me. Well, that answers my sterlisation question. How are her nappies now?

biglips Tue 04-Jan-05 22:41:00

mostly runny and it was like a bright mustard colour the other day, twice is like water poo and most of time is like abit too sloppy and 3 times a nice firm one !

oatcake Wed 05-Jan-05 16:01:55

my math's isn't good, but doesn't this tie in with changing formula? Why did you change from Gold?

Having seen this before on my travels as a student midwife, I'd say change your milk.

biglips Wed 05-Jan-05 21:50:55

i changed from gold to white SMA cos she was hungry all the time and wanted alot of it, since she been on white shes alot happier and sleeps better thru the nite

oatcake Thu 06-Jan-05 16:48:28

There are other milks for hungrier babies - I think aptimil's one but I'm not up on formulas so can't suggest another - just read your labels next time in the supermarket and see what you come up with. worth mentioning to the health visitor though..

looks like you've got to make your choice, change milk up put up with runny poos!

biglips Thu 06-Jan-05 20:52:12

im seeing the HV next week anyway so ill mention it to her - thanks

ChicPea Tue 11-Jan-05 19:25:59

How's the poo, BigLips?! have you seen the HV?

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