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Ear infections - aren't they the pits?!

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Moomina Fri 31-Dec-04 09:33:22

Ds has had a horrible fluey bug all over Christmas and has been utterly miserable - not sleeping, not eating, scream, scream, scream, won't let me put him down, etc etc etc. Nightmare. And then on Weds morning I noticed his ear was full of wax and pus - lovely. So took him to GP who prescribed antibiotics. And he has just not stopped screaming, the poor thing.

So last night we ended up in A&E at 11pm, him screaming blue murder, me with tears flooding down my face, could barely explain to the triage nurse what the problem was over the noise of him yelling and me gulping back snot What a right mess we looked! The nurses and docs were fabulous and we have come away with gallons of Disprol, Nurofen, an increased prescription for the oral anti-bs and a new prescription for aural anti-bs! I put him in bed with me at 1am when we got back and he slept like a log until 8.30 - the longest stretch in days and days!

But I am soooooo exhausted and I hate ear infections!

Carla Fri 31-Dec-04 09:38:37

Moomina, just after dd1 was born I had something - I think - called otitis. It was literally like having labour pains in my ear. Hope your little lad (and you!!) make a speed recovery.XXXX

Moomina Fri 31-Dec-04 09:51:15

Carla, that sounds horrible! You poor thing - and with a new baby as well....

I think they thought I was losing the plot a bit actually (they were right!) - kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want ds admitted 'just to give you some rest, dear'! At one point ds pointed at the doctor's photocard ID and said 'Mummy' - the doc looked absolutely horrified as if to say 'God no! Tell me I don't look like her!!!'

Of course, he's full of beans this morning...bless.

Carla Fri 31-Dec-04 09:55:03

Sounds like he's on the mend And hope it was a female doctor

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 31-Dec-04 13:17:49

Yes they are the pits and they're bloody painful! Mine had me up in the middle of the night in tears because of the pain so I have even more sympathy for little ones who have them.

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