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Improving The Body

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smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:08:13

I have been faffing under the pretence of researching. i cant possibley buy any more books now am commiting myself

Have decided to revise my lifestyle and pick out the bits from various books i've been reading

1. To get rid of my post pregnancy pouch ( not that i had a six pack before) I am also going to start a pilates class in January

2. Try and increase my energy, i have visions of not being able to keep up with my ds once he starts moving i think i have about a four month headstart hes 5 months at the moment, so healthy eating and less SUGAR

3. Try and drink more water.

anyone want to join me? we can support each other on-line?


wobblystarryknicks Thu 30-Dec-04 09:10:09

Sounds like just the 3 things I need to do too! Did join a thread about 3 weeks ago where I promised to eat less chocolate but only managed it for about a week . Must try harder!!!

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:12:27

okay do you want me to give you a challenge something to do to help you?

wobblystarryknicks Thu 30-Dec-04 09:12:53

Yep - I need lots of challenges and a few slaps!!!

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:16:38


OKAY, have a look around and see whether there is a pilates class locally that fits in with your life that you can go to and mentally commit yourself to going to four classes, thats what i'm doing that way i'll know whether its for me or not and then go and get a glass of water to drink after you've finished reading this.

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:17:29

just read this back i'm so bossy

wobblystarryknicks Thu 30-Dec-04 09:21:09

No, bossy is good, otherwise I slink off and forget about it!!!

I've drunk my glass of water now but I checked a while back and doing regular exercise classes is just going to be too difficult for me with timing, dd, travelling etc but I did get myself a yoga dvd which I can do every day while dd stares at me as if I'm mad - that'll do instead won't it? (and will stick to it if I know there's more slaps waiting if I don't!)

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:25:14

DVD is good, which one?,I keep dipping in and out of the Barbara Currie one DS laughs when i do it will have to lok for it later ther was one that section that was only 10 mins long that i could do.

Had my water and feeling really positive.

wobblystarryknicks Thu 30-Dec-04 09:30:02

Mine's Geri Halliwell's one - was hoping the sight of her smug face would make me get fit so I didn't have to watch her anymore .

Am already starting to feel slightly brighter and more awake after that one glass of water - thats my major one, I hardly ever drink plain water, have to get it up to that 8 glasses a day.

smileyragdoll Thu 30-Dec-04 09:36:36

super, right am off to continue with chores and am for me am planning to
1. find my juicer (hope it hasn't gone rusty )
2. have fruit for elevenses as well as the odd mince pie and limit myself to 1 chocolate

how about you wsk?
bye for now

wobblystarryknicks Thu 30-Dec-04 09:39:46

Ok - I am going to have 3 more glasses of plain water before lunch (about 1-ish), then the other 4 before I go to bed. Am going to eat NO chocolate, crisps or biscuits today and try for 2 pieces of fruit (eat a fair bit of veg but not much fruit).

Can feel the withdrawal symptoms already!!!

wobblystarryknicks Sun 02-Jan-05 10:28:06

Sorry i've only just got back on here. Thursday i managed 7 glasses of plain water and no choc, until I had a huge row with my dad and hit the Malteasers but never mind. Firday I did the 8 glasses and a bit of choc , same on Sat. Have been doing 15 mins of Geri each day too so not too bad so far!!

How are you going?

DingleAlltheWay Sun 02-Jan-05 11:37:58

a little voice whispers..."can I join in too please?"
Want to eat healthier, do more to keep fit and well. Started running last year and still plan to keep going but it doesn't always fit in on a daily basis! I have a Geri, Yoga DVD lurking at the back of the cupboard and also a freebie Pilates DVD from one of the newspapars-don't know what that like-never seen it!
Terrible with drinking, it might be lunchtime before I actually sit down with my first drink of the day! Will go pour myself a glass of water NOW!

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:43:11

Please can I join too? I got quite pleased with myself before Christmas, but fear that it was a bit smug and have eaten too much choc.

Make me fit again please! Actually, what's with the again in that sentence?!

Dingle Sun 02-Jan-05 11:48:32

I paused when typing in "keep fit." As I typed it I though, that's not right, I wasn't fit to start off with!

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:57:44

LOL Dingle. I know I feel better after exercising, but am too lazy to do it. Make me!

jac34 Sun 02-Jan-05 12:38:54

I'm going to be back at the gym this week. I've got myself quite fit in the last few months but had a bit of a rest over Christmas. I'm realy looking forward to getting back to my usual routine though.
I go to the gym twice a week to do :
25 min run
15 min row
15 min cross country trainer
100 ab's crunches
Then a 45min water airobics class/or 1000m swim.
And for body and soul I spend some time in sauna and steam room.
Then three days a week I walk to work, about 2miles in 30 mins.

I know it sounds knackering but I have felt much less fit this last week just vegitating at home eating cr*p.
Can't wait to get back to normal !!

snowyduck Sun 02-Jan-05 14:23:25

i ate only fruit for breakfast and i'm on my second glass of water now (gag..)

Slink Sun 02-Jan-05 15:35:48

Hi can i join, i have read some info on what to eat blah blah so, i am going to get up 10min early every morning and jog on the spot (jenny aniston does it) i am going to aim for 8 glasses of water no choc sweets sugar etc.

Fruit has lots of suger and is bad for you???? we need to eat more omega 3 as it helps burn fat, so thats me...... of to eat the last choc and drink coffee( it is only sunday i'll start monday)

smileyragdoll Sun 02-Jan-05 15:44:03

hi, have been doing badly the only concession to improving the body was a carrot juice in between tonnes of chocolate, fondue for dinner and lots of wine no water but this thread has made me go and get some water to drink now while I do the grocery shop online
hm LOL my thought exactly with the again business

smileyragdoll Sun 02-Jan-05 15:44:41

o and i forgot qite a few baileys but the ice was made with water

smileyragdoll Sun 02-Jan-05 16:10:36

slink is the jog on the spot meant to be fast or a gentle amble? to get max benifit fancy myself with a JA body maybe oneday?

karenanne Sun 02-Jan-05 16:22:38

mind if i join too been on the dumped diet (different story)lol and lost nearly a stone but still got a stone to lose .got a yoga dvd and dd got a dancemat for xmas with aerobics bit on it.been good so far and done about 3/4 hour on dancemat aday.
know foods to eat just exercise bit that i give up with ,so you lot can make me feel guilty if i dont do it .lol
oh also i never drink 8 glasses of water a day but will make a concious effort to start

Slink Sun 02-Jan-05 17:52:44

smileyragdoll ypou need to start of slow then go fast, but she said 5 mins fast running is as good as 3min jog

smileyragdoll Mon 03-Jan-05 08:22:57

oops forgot to jog this morning
still DH is back at work today so back to theold routine today so am plannin to do some of my yoga dvd in a bit. Am drinking some water now - if you are reading this have you had a glass of water yet??

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