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NITS again - the bloody comb doesn't work.

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Caligulights Wed 29-Dec-04 18:45:19

So what do I do? I bought a nit comb from Boots and put loads of conditioner on, and spent 2 hours combing and then found it was more effective to use thumb and forefinger. Surely there's an easier way? Any tips?

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:22:33

Have you tried using a nit shampoo? Also, some combs have finer teeth than others. Could you try to get hold of a plastic one (we got ours in the box with the shampoo and it was much better than the metal comb a friend had lent me).

popsycal Wed 29-Dec-04 19:23:45

someone recommended me a nit comb on the internet
didnt buy it as ds;s nits went very quickly....if you search for threads with nits or headlice in the title with my name in then you might find it.....
will also try for you

popsycal Wed 29-Dec-04 19:25:10

oh this was quick!!
on here, there is a recommendation for the argos elctric nit comb and the nittygritty one (the one i was thinking of.....)
look here

bonymerryxmas Wed 29-Dec-04 21:37:17

I can recommend the nitty gritty comb - however, you really need to wash and comb hair every 3 days for about 10-14 days to eradicate the little devils completely. Although dd moaned like mad as it's VERY tedious and time-consuming, after struggling with them for months (really!) earlier in the year, this is the only method that worked.

Caligulights Wed 29-Dec-04 22:24:56

Thanks all. It sounds like my Boots metal comb is just a bit of a crap one.

Did anyone find any difference between the jazzy electric ones and that nittygritty one?

Blossomhill Wed 29-Dec-04 22:28:37

This is the best kit by far. I ordered mine online but you can get them on prescription. The egg comb pulls out the tiniest eggs and I found it really worked.

Caligulights Thu 30-Dec-04 10:16:08

Thanks Blossomhill, I've ordered that kit. Will now sit here itching for it to arrive!

Blossomhill Fri 31-Dec-04 10:10:25

You should get it soon as I got mine the next day!

Carla Fri 31-Dec-04 10:14:53

Are yours ... mmmmmoving? Have just experienced this for the first time yesterday, so am naturally keen to share nit stories My life will return one day ....

Blossomhill Fri 31-Dec-04 10:17:28

I remember when I pulled what they call the "queen" out of dd's hair. It was huge and I nearly fainted as I was so repulsed. Dd wanted to hold it as I told her I was looking for spiders. Didn't want her running into school announcing that she had nits to everyone

Caligulights Fri 31-Dec-04 14:14:54

It arrived this morning and we've had a happy time bug busting. Both children now have stickers on with Bust the bug, or whatever it is, and DD had a tantrum because she didn't have any "mice" in her hair and she wants some!

Carla - yes they were moving - yuk! But they're not now, they're all zapped!

I was impressed by how quickly they delivered - I ordered yesterday am and it came today. And the stickers (plus promise of chocolate) were a good incentive for the children to sit still.

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