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Help - baby straining legs out straight

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Mickj Tue 28-Dec-04 20:48:08

Not sure what to do - 6 week old strains an awful lot but when he does poo it is loose and turmeric coloured. He is breast and bottle fed, eats well and we wind him about 4-3 times per bottle of 120ml. He feeds every 3 hours and 4 at night and poos around 4 times a day. But he just seems like he is in a little pain and can strain for around 5 mins at a time 5-6 times an hour, no tears but on occasion he has been on the cusp. Just gave him a little gripe water after his last feed and although he spat most of it out, he is at the moment sleeping peacefully. My husband says that babies have no inhibitions, and grunt and groan at those functions we all do. But this being our first baby you worry, surely there must be some reason why he strains so frequently. Many thanks Mumsnet.xx

Levanna Wed 29-Dec-04 01:14:29

In breastfed babies poo can range through all sorts of yellows and oranges. What I eat tends to affect the 'colour range' of what my DD's expell. It is also normal for it to be loose, though for it to be 'watery' would be less normal. (I'm sorry but I don't have experience of 'bottle poos'!) My DD's do strain to expel (even loose 'breastmilk') poos, I think as your DH says, it's just part of pooing! But, if you are concerned have a chat with your HV, she/he might be able to reassure you. My niece strains (even now, at 20 mths) quite excessively, though not through constipation, I think it's an internal battle about doing something which she needs to do but which can be painful due to even the mildest nappy rash. She strains and becomes upset when she either poos, wees or passes wind if that area is even the slightest bit pink or spotted.
Try not to worry, but if you 'feel' there is something up, please advice from your HV.

Levanna Wed 29-Dec-04 01:15:52

(sorry, that should of course read 'seek advice from'!)

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