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Pet allergy

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mummynumnum Wed 26-Mar-08 13:16:58

DD has been suffering q a bit from chest infections/ear infections and my mum has just raised the issue of it being our cockatoo that is giving her an allergy. We have had nelson for 10yrs and dd has had these probs for in the last year. She is 22mths now. Is it likely the two are connected?

ScienceTeacher Wed 26-Mar-08 13:28:30

Can you give her an antihistamine for a few days to see if this gives her some relief? Not sure about the age limits, but perhaps something to talk to your doctor about.

Allergies usually mean itchy eyes and sneezing though, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

fizzbuzz Wed 26-Mar-08 13:41:36

I'm allergic to all animals including birds. With birds, my throat itches like mad, but there are no visible symptoms, apart from wheezing, blocked nose and runny eyes. Also cough a lot to clear my throat. It is very very unpleasant, but looks like a cold from the outside.

With animals it is much much worse, and was first noticable when I was really little, and an animal scratched me, the whole scratch would swell up. Then all other symptoms started to appear.

Don't know if this helps.............

NutterlyUts Wed 26-Mar-08 13:42:42 Post there and ask. The chest infections sounds plausable as it'll be the dust irritating her lungs.

mummynumnum Wed 26-Mar-08 14:06:37

She has no runny eyes or anything, but from what you said it could be a possibility. Would devastate us if we had to let Nelson go. Obv if making daughter poorly it would have to be considered. How do you know for sure though?

NutterlyUts Wed 26-Mar-08 14:43:04

I would post on there and see what the consensus is, because i know some people on there have allergies and live successfully with their birds. I don't know how you can tell, sorry

imaginaryfriend Wed 26-Mar-08 14:53:33

My dd (5) has severe animal allergies but as we don't have pets I only see the effects when she comes into contact with an animal at someone else's house.

I've never heard of chest or ear infections being caused by an allergy although an allergy might make your dd's ears feel scratchy inside and might make her prone to asthma. Both dd and I are terribly allergic to feathers.

I'd give her some antihistamine and see if she seems better. And try to test out if she comes into direct contact with the bird she breaks out in any wheals or itchy patches. That always happens to dd.

Sparks Wed 26-Mar-08 16:46:14

As I understand it, allergy and infection are two different things. Has dd been diagnosed by a doc with infections? Treated successfully with antibiotics? If yes, I think it's nothing to do with allergy, animal or otherwise.

Also, allergies are rare in children under 4 years, so another reason to doubt it's an allergic reaction.

fizzbuzz Wed 26-Mar-08 18:05:46

I was allergic to strawberries when I was 3......not any more though hmm

mummynumnum Thu 27-Mar-08 10:59:35

DD had another feb convulsion and appears her tonsils and ear are infected so think it cant be an allergy. Poor little dd, she is having a v rough time of it at the mo and was put on a low dose antibiotics for her ear and does not seem to be doing the trick. Think may have to turn to grommets. This is her 7th feb conv now.

Heather1977 Tue 23-Jun-09 10:18:42

Hi, my DS who is 2 and a half has always suffered with really bad coughs, chest infections, bronchitis etc. He tends to get very bad coughs during the night. I took him to the ear nose and throat this week and one of the first things he asked me was whether we had pets. We have 2 cats and a dog. He said that small children and pets were very incompatible - as they have such small airways, allergies can affect them easily. The mucous then goes down the airways and gets stuck, and can end up in chest infections. We won´t be getting rid of our pets, so he said to just take him to a relative/grandparents house to sleep when he is having a bad cough episode. makes sense to me - it tends to get worse in the spring/summer when the animals are shedding their hair and gets better as soon as he is out of the house. I think it is something they grow out of as their airways get larger. Hope this helps!

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