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Teething Hell

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chicca Sat 25-Dec-04 21:50:11

Porr little DS (5 months) seems to have been teething for months now but it's gone into overdrive and he's really in pain - mostly at night and the morning. I give him Nelson's Teetha and Calpol bit neither do much of a job. Whoever said Calpol knocked them out was lying.

Have also tried Calgel.

Any inspirational thoughts? He's already woken twice since going to sleep on Christmas night and it's not even 11pm!

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:55:08

My little boy has a horrid time with his teeth and these work for us
Medised seems better than calpol
He has one of those teething rings that you keep cool in the fridge, that seems to help but if you are desperate now, a facecloth soaked in cold water seems to help my baby a lot too
I buy these sachets of powder from boots too, called alternatives, with chamomilla in (whatever that is) they are about £5 for 24. I put them on a spoon and tip into his mouth but you can put them on a dummy too I think
Try the cold, wet facecloth - wrung out! - until the shops open again
I hope it helps yours too,

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:55:45

Sorry, that message isn't very clear - the face cloth is for him to bite on

chicca Sat 25-Dec-04 22:02:31

Ok will do - thanks for the advice. Sadly I live in Spain so getting hold of some of the medication is tricky. But will do all the rest. Just had one thought - he seems to be pulling at both his ears lately. Is this related or possibly an ear infection I wonder????

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 22:04:46

My baby doesn't pull at his ears when he is teething - I think they do that if they have an ear infection but I don't know for sure

SmokedSamN Sat 25-Dec-04 23:53:56

Hey chicca, don't know if you're still around but we're going through the same thing... ds2 is 5 1/2 months and he woke about every two hours last night and for quite a few nights previously. I haven't been counting so far tonight but he's certainly been up and not hungry. I've been rubbing Calgel on loads, probably far more than the maximum times you're supposed to use it in 24 hours.

Oh, also, his right ear gets really red and hot on and off. The same used to happen to my ds1 when he was teething.

The Boots alternatives sachets are exactly the same as Nelson's Teetha (in fact they are made by Nelson's for Boots).

I have found that baby ibuprofen works faster than Calpol - don't know if you have any of that around?

If you have already started him on solids, you could put a peeled banana in the freezer. It's very soothing for them to gum on and it just goes all mushy as it melts, so you don't have to worry about choking.

If not, you could try making a little ice lolly for him with breast or formula milk?

hth, but in any case, thinking of you

SmokedSamN Sun 26-Dec-04 23:26:33

just wanted to point out that ibuprofen is not recommended for babies under 6 months . I haven't used it on my ds2 yet, but was just remembering that it seemed far more effective with ds1.

Kittypickle Mon 27-Dec-04 08:56:25

Don't know if you'll be able to get it in Spain but Anbesol liquid works really well on my DS.

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