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What a lovely christmas I'm going to have

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Dizzylizzy Fri 24-Dec-04 09:11:34

I was fine on Tuesday and when I woke on Wednesday I could not lift my head off the pillow and felt as week as a kitten. I can honestly say I don't think I have felt so ill, after much prompting from dh I have been to the doctors and I have a bad chest, throat and sinus infection, that is why my headaches are so bad, hence I am on antibiotics and strong painkillers, I also to rest completely and drink lots of fluid (vodka not included) until the new year and then i have to have my 'blood count' checked, whatever that means.

So, I have to deal with two very very excited children whilst dh is working ALL christmas and New Year, we are very lucky we have christmas eve together. No alcohol this year for me, I'll have to have my celebration early in the new year.

Feeling really miserable, any tips on how to make it through whilst feeling so ill and miserable?

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Fri 24-Dec-04 09:37:14

Poor Dizzylizzy! I feel for you! Not only will you be alone but also ill... that's terrible.

Try drinking lots of hot lemon as it might give you some energy (vit C has this alledged attribute). You could also imagine it's a hot toddy . As for no alcohol at all... the only reason for that is that it will thin down the antibiotics so make them less effective, so maybe a wee drop of something in your hot toddy might cheer you up (also with the warmth some of the alcohol will evaporate).

How old are your kids? Are they able to sort of entertain themselves for a little so you can rest up?


CountessDingDongDrac Fri 24-Dec-04 10:03:28

Oh you poor thing Can you get someone to help you with the kids?

I know how you feel, last xmas was the worst I ever had, dh had slipped a disc and couldn't even get up off the floor to go for a wee and I had glandular fever and could barely get off the was such fun (not).

The only thing I can suggest is to dose up with paracetomal and nurofen and try and get through as best you can/

Enideepmidwinter Fri 24-Dec-04 10:27:27

sympathies, I have tonsillitis and have strong antibiotics and painkillers to cheer me during the festive period

can barely swallow and neck so swollen I look like the Terminator.


FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 24-Dec-04 10:32:10

If the antibiotic is metronidazole it will make you feel worse if mixed with alcohal. Think d and v! MrsBDD is right about all the others though. Try and relax much as possible today, let DH do as much preparation for tomorrow as he can, then maybe (hopefully) tomorrow the antibiotics will start to kick in and you might begin to feel better. Poor you, it is horrible when one or both of you have to work over xmas. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. hugs.

Dizzylizzy Fri 24-Dec-04 13:28:43

Thanks so much for your replies, the kids are 3 and 6 so are quite good at entertaining themselves.

Unfortunately there is no-one to help me with the children, I have no blood relatives and my MIL came out of hospital the day before yesterday and is in no condition to look after either, saying that my SIL is coming up christmas morning to take them to see their nanna for a couple of hours so I'll be in bed before the kids get to the end of the drive.

DH is going our chrismtas dinner for this evening as he is working tomorrow, the kids aren't big eaters and won't be interested in eating it two days running so they will be happing with just yorkshire puddings tomorrow.

I'm on extra strength ibuprofen and solpadol at the minute to try and help with it, every mouthful I take at the minute though feels like I am swallowing razorblades . DH can't do enough for me though and really doesn't want to go to work tomorrow but has no choice.

Enideepmidwinter Fri 24-Dec-04 15:32:04

oh dizzy, I am on alternating soluble paracetamol and extra strenght ibuprofen granules and neither seem to be working, the pain is radiating from my throat to my ears, it is horrible.

Even hot tea makes it worse

My solution is to lay on the sofa while the kids slowly tear the house apart/watch telly depending on which mood they are in.

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