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Ear infection in adults

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DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 01:05:28

Does this happen?? Why can't I find any info that doesn't only mention children? My ear hurts a lot, I'm maxed out on paracetamol and ibruprofen and I'm feeling sorry for myself. Sniff

biglips Fri 24-Dec-04 01:10:44

same here as ive got an ear infection too with a headache as ive got ezcema next to my ear drum and its inflammed. you must go to docs asap... sorry cant find any info cos im tired and going to bed..

lockets Fri 24-Dec-04 01:11:34

Message withdrawn

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 01:16:34

Yep. I had a stinking cold and assumed the bunged up painful ear would go away. It seemed to be getting better today so I didn't go to the GP. Now I'm in agony and can't sleep! I've just boiled my kettel for a spot of karvol steaming

I'll be on antibiotics for Christmas won't I??

lockets Fri 24-Dec-04 01:17:47

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 24-Dec-04 01:19:33

Message withdrawn

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 01:23:39

try warming some olive oil then carefully dropping a couple of drips in your ear leave it for 5 then dab the remainder out. v soothing plus hot sniff trick

Christmassbee Fri 24-Dec-04 01:24:35

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 24-Dec-04 01:25:16

Message withdrawn

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 01:26:38


Will extra virgin olive oil from Milan do?

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 01:28:05

first presse?

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 01:29:12

Of course. Just got to work out how to warm it! Will a dosing syringe in hot water work do you think?

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 01:32:25

pop it in a small EMPTY BUT CLEAN yoghurt pot (yes ok you can eat the yoghurt first) and float the pot in a bowl of boiling water (not on the boil of course). Just keep testing the temp of the water by dripping a little on the inside of your wrist.

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 01:33:16

sorry the temp of the oil!

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 01:37:01

I assume it shouldn't be boiling ?

Off to warm oil and go to bed now last dose of painkillers has kicked in.

Thanks everyone!

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 01:38:04

good luck dragon person

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Fri 24-Dec-04 03:11:11

poor you! i had this months ago and the only olive oil i had was with didnt work and i stunk for days! antibiotics were such a welcome relief though!

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 08:46:32

Luckily my GP surgery is open today and I have an appointment at 10:10. Which is roughly when I can start taking painkillers again.

The olive oil was kind of soothing and luckily didn't smell of garlic!

Sigh. Why does this happen near Christmas? We might well have to cancel going to my parents because both DH and I are plague ridden. Bah humbug!

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 12:45:02

Inner ear infection and a nice course of antibiotics. Which luckily don't mention avoiding alcohol so there is at least some good news

Tinker Fri 24-Dec-04 12:49:36

Oh I've had this as well (as well as the sinusitis on the other thread). This is horrid as well. Your eardrum might burst (mine did) It's serious agony if it does, on a par with labour I thought (just to cheer you up). Get some super duper painkillers from gp, paracetamol didn't touch the pain I found. Plus, you might need antibiotics. It's always at Christmas isn't it?

lockets Fri 24-Dec-04 14:01:20

Message withdrawn

DoesntChristmasDragOn Fri 24-Dec-04 14:24:49

Luckily a combination of paracetamol and ibruprofen seems to do the trick.

Hope your sinusitus improves, lockets.

And thanks for that cheery thought, Tinker. hopefully now I've got my antibiotics it won't get any worse before it gets better

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Sat 25-Dec-04 00:08:12

and you dont have to smell of garlic either

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 19:49:57

How are you feeling today Doesn'tChristmasDragOn? Ear infections can really really hurt. Hope you have had a happy day anyway

Christmassbee Sun 26-Dec-04 01:14:46

Message withdrawn

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