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Bleeding after 17 months of a dr spell!!!

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Yorkiegirl Thu 23-Dec-04 18:48:46

Message withdrawn

sarahg31 Thu 23-Dec-04 18:53:32

I did type a message and it came out blank.
Am I going mad.

I have not had a period ever since the birth of my son 17 months ago and now all of a sudden I am bleeding. I stopped taking the pill two months and I am currently going through a stressful time in my life at the mo. Lost a stone in two months, gone down to 8 stone and extremely underweight. Any suggestions. Is it worth a visit to the quacks.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Thu 23-Dec-04 19:01:20

Hi sarah, I think a visit to the gp would be best, even if just to put your mind at rest.

btw, I'm having probs with my pc, yet again, can't seem to send/receive emails today so that's why i've not replied to yours yet. No hurry for the stuff/pics yet anyway

sarahg31 Thu 23-Dec-04 19:04:25

No worries . let me know when u r up and running. Scared to go to the quacks. Might tell me something I don't want to hear. How would u explain the sudden weight loss. It might be a thyroid gland problem who knows.

cardigansarenotjustforxmas Thu 23-Dec-04 19:06:35

Have a check uo Sarahg31 - just to set your mind at rest

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Thu 23-Dec-04 19:06:40

sounds like it could be down to the stress tbh from reading your other posts. take care

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