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blotto Thu 23-Dec-04 18:31:11

Please help me with this problem. Twins (7 mths old) have both developed a bit of a sniffle which is no big deal at all and they are both very happy in themselves etc etc BUT they are both quite snotty and have lots of phlegm too. The problem is that if they mis-time when they try and clear their throats then they choke and bring back their feed. This has happened once each yesterday and once each again today and I can't do any more washing.

Is there anything I can do to help ease the phlegm / snot problem?

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Fri 24-Dec-04 09:39:24

I found that with ds his phlegm got worse after a feed, something to do with the milk I'm afraid. As for easing it... I got him a meltus linctus from the pharmacy and it helped him not to cough so much. Might be worth a try
Merry christmas and hope twins get better soon

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