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Runny, milky-smelling poo in 11mo

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sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 15:27:59

DS has done a couple of very dramatic poos over the past few days - they've leaked out everywhere and smell much more like newborn poo. Just one of those things, or is there a reason? Started him on 'step-up' milk a week or two ago - if this is a reaction to that then it's pretty delayed - ?

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 15:31:39

Could it be teething-related? New tooth today - it's his 5th though, and this hasnt happened before

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 15:51:14

Anyone experienced this?

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 15:52:18

sd, it could be his teeth

if he is fine otherwise then dont worry

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 15:53:31

even if it his milk he will just be getting used to it so again, if hes fine otherwise then dont worry

or do you think its like diahorrea? or is bad-smelling?

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 15:59:19

Not diarrhoea I dont think as it's only happened twice in 2 or 3 days - the rest of his poos have been normal. Not bad-smelling either, just hasn't smelt like that since before he was weaned.

Thanks for the reassurance.

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 16:01:29

sometimes my dd has korma sauce, sometimes rabbit poos. ill never understand - she has the same thing 6 x day! dont worry x

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 16:02:15

by same thing i mean milk

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 16:05:07

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