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Stinking cold, bunged up ears

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DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 23-Dec-04 08:48:39

Having suffered with a stinking cold for the last 3 days, I now have completely bunged up ears, it's very annoying and above all it hurts!

Given that it's only a couple of days til Christmas and I have stacks to do, how can I unblock them? Preferably without resorting to drugs as I'm sure it's the daynurse that got me into this mess

cranberryjampot Thu 23-Dec-04 08:51:10

i have exactly the same. i blew my nose last night and my ears "squeaked" and then i felt like my head was encased in a bubble or something. Try inhaling menthol crystals dissolved in hot water. Also warm some olive oil and using a cotton bud very carefully drop some warm oil into your ear. tilt your head to the side and leave it to work for 5 mins. V soothing

MaryChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 08:51:47

olbas oil droplets and very hot/ boiling water in bowl and towel over head trick. And breath in but not too close to the water!
And tissues at the ready! Hope it works.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 23-Dec-04 08:56:24

Will Karvol do? It's all the same sort of thing isn't it? wonders whether maybe something libke Benylin would work - isn't that meant to loosen it all up? I know I said no drugs

I had similar when I flew long haul with the tail end of a cold. I was deaf for about 4 days!

MaryChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 08:59:42

Vicks karvel olbas anything with that strong menthol smell
Olbas is the best though and you can stick in to a hankie too.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 23-Dec-04 10:18:46

Bumping up for any more bright ideas!

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