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cough medicines - again.

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jamiesam Thu 23-Dec-04 08:03:10

Sorry if this been asked recently/many times before.
Am I right thinking that I can't take cough medicines when I'm bf?
Have extremely irritating dry tickly cough that gives me a headache during the day and keeps me awake at night.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

yulettsdaughter Thu 23-Dec-04 08:05:46

If you ask at Boots I think they recommend a linctus (Boots own!)

kinderbobsleigh Thu 23-Dec-04 08:09:33

Tixylix for babies (pink one). Doesn't have any drying up mucus capacity and so will be fine for bf.

Also vaporisor on in room at night with some olbas oil in to keep the airways warm and moist.

jamiesam Thu 23-Dec-04 08:19:31

Thanks y and k.
Buying something designed for babies - inspired!

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