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how to persuade him to have the snip...

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Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 20:34:42

Message withdrawn

Eve Wed 22-Dec-04 20:37:23

Go on strike!

....and tell DH absentance is next best contraceptive!

Gobbledigoose Wed 22-Dec-04 20:45:16

No idea but I'm trying to do the opposite! Dh wants to get it done but I'm not so sure yet!

FWIW, I think it's only fair the dh/dp goes and gets it done! We've been through far worse haven't we?!

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 20:47:42

Message withdrawn

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Wed 22-Dec-04 20:50:40

I persuaded my dh but I think my argument was along the lines of if you don't want more children and you do want more sex, this is what you will have to do. Also pointed out that I had gone through the agony and humiliation of childbirth four times so he could put up with one small operation "down there". Mind you, one year on, we are still waiting for the all-clear, so maybe it wasn't the great solution we thought it would be.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Wed 22-Dec-04 20:52:44

Hate to say it, but I have heard the argument that the woman should have the op because she will be infertile anyway in a few years time whereas the man could be fertile for many many more years and if this partnership broke up for any reason, he still had the option of having more children, but she wouldn't after a few years anyway. Does that make sense?

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 20:53:55

Message withdrawn

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Wed 22-Dec-04 20:58:59

Well if he feels that way, what is stopping him from going ahead with the op?

Batters Wed 22-Dec-04 21:17:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Wed 22-Dec-04 21:19:00

tell him if he doesnt have it, you do a Bobbit job in him.

joashiningstar Wed 22-Dec-04 21:28:10

tell him I'll do it with two housebricks

misdee Wed 22-Dec-04 21:33:45

a brick each

joashiningstar Wed 22-Dec-04 21:46:01

Might just make him cringe, or it might help. Tell him that when my DH had his 'snip', he went to work the same day and took his own stitches out after it had healed - and he's a typical male whinger!!

Although he did use it as an excuse to ask all my female friends if they would like to see his scar ... MEN.

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 21:51:47

Message withdrawn

hollybet Wed 22-Dec-04 22:26:36

I wanted my ex to have the snip after we had two children - I got accidentaly pregnant with number three and he was first in line in case it happened again!

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