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6 month vomiting- keeping down food but not milk - what do I do?

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kbaby Wed 22-Dec-04 09:32:22

For the past week DD has been off her milk. Shes only drinking 15ozs per day but eating all her food. Yesterday she was sick 3 times. I put this down to having a very chesty cough and possibly phlem. Last night she had dinner and a bottle of milk and kept it down but then this morning after her milk she was sick again. Im slightly worried as I know she needs milk rather than food. shes drinking lots of water and her nappies are wet. Do I take her off milk for 24hrs and just give food and water? I cant work out why its only some bottles she is sick from and others stay down. She is happy and alert and seems fine. She gave me a big smile after being sick this morning. When do I take her to the doctors?

wrapmefestively Wed 22-Dec-04 10:11:52

Check out my thread (8 month old vomiting for 7 days and not eating) - pretty much the same sort of problem. I think mucus has a lot to do with it. My ds has had a heavy cold and upper respiratory tract infection...and a lot of mucus trickles down the throat and winds up in the stomach.(Also in my son's case I think its secondary lactose intolerance which can occur after gastro intestional infection on a short term basis of a week or two, due to short term damage to the mucous membrane of the small intestine).

You put "I cant work out why its only some bottles she is sick from and others stay down" - identical for my son! - Also he was cheery despite being sick just like your dd.

If it's any consolation I am now circa 10 days into it and he hasn't been sick for the last 24 hours so it does sort itself out in time. If you are worried however see your GP - it should put your mind at rest.

ChristmasBOOZA Wed 22-Dec-04 10:49:54

kbaby had a similar thing with DD. She was very much off her milke. Think though that she had a tummy bug as well as the cold because after 2-3 days of sickness also got diarhea and has been miserable as well. The diarhea was disgusting because it was so slimy (mucus from cold?) that the nappy couldn't absorb it and it just ran straight down her legs/up her back. If you're worried about her nutrients you could try giving her dioralyte in a bottle/cup.

TBH doesn't sound too worrying at this stage - just one of those things you and your washing machine and soft furnishings have to get through.

pabla Wed 22-Dec-04 11:27:28

My 10 month old had a tummy bug a while back and both gp and pharmacist also said they can develop a temporary lactose intolerance so I switched to SMA LF (Lactose Free) (probably only available from pharmacies and kept behind the counter) for a few days till the diarrhea cleared up. You could also try soya formula if you can't get the lactose free one.

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