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Anyone want to join me in a very easy peasy diet?

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Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 08:57:19

Im on hols in June so that is my incentive. Beginning of December I went of a cut down diet. All I did, was after my main meal at night, I ate.... NOTHING. No picking... chocolate, biscuits, popcorn (dont we love our popcorn on MN? wink, crisps....nothing. Oh and no pudding!

I lost nearly 1/2 stone just by not picking.

I ate what I liked during the day, biscuit, chocolate... what ever I liked, but just stopped at night.

I have to say, I did go to bed a little bit hungry, but felt so gooooooood the next day, especially as by the end of the first week my stomach had gone down considerably, and by the second week my clothes felt looser.

Who wants to join me? grin anyone?

newjerseychick Tue 18-Mar-08 09:04:15

hey i'll join you - I was asked if I was pregnant last week and have lost nothing since my baby girl 2 years ago. I have no excuse !!!!! :0


Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:33:31

ah, wicked. I need to start like.... now. I shall CAT you - do you have CAT? else we can monitor progress on here LOL

Can you start tonight? are you up for it?

My aim is drop a dress size, what about you? Can you do a few exercises, or walk a bit more instead of the car? so for instance, I could really walk to pick up LO's from nursery twice a week instead of drive, but there is a mother of a hill in the way, i have to walk and push the buggy at an angle. I must look a sight shock, big arse, big everything LOL

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:34:38

PS, I expect your tummy is like mine, I think its called Jelly Belly. But if you stop picking at night, I promise it will go. Mine started to when I did this before christmas. ITs great! smile

frumpygrumpy Tue 18-Mar-08 09:39:22

I'd love to! Is wine allowed or it that the biggest baddie?

Nbg Tue 18-Mar-08 09:41:15

I should do really.
I go away at the start of May and although I'm 14 weeks post natal I look like I'm about 6 months gone again.

Chocolate and sweet stuff is my main downer.
I cant help myself.

gscrym Tue 18-Mar-08 09:45:51

I'll have a go as well. What time to we stop snacking at night?

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:46:34

wine? well... from memory I think I did have the odd the glass, but only a glass. tbh I cant do more than a glass these days, so it was no worries for me.

There really shouldnt be any restrictions, other than no picking. I think a glass with our dinner is ok, espesh as we not allowed a pudding. shock grin

TheJen Tue 18-Mar-08 09:47:26

Count me in... who said 9 months on 9 months off? They should be publically flogged. My DS is nearly one and I'm bridesmaid at the end of the April and beginning to panic... can we have wine though? This is quite important wink

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:49:30

Nbg - yeah, same here. But we can do it, cos I did do it, and it worked. As I said, I did go to bed hungry a few times, but you can feel the FAT burning, its quite wonderful, but odd at the same time. iykwim.

gscrym - straight after your meal. So if you eat with your LO's at say 5 or 5:30 then thats it for you! It will be a long haul eh! We tend to eat quite late - about 6ish. But I had good large portions, to help. But decent food. not fish and chips from the chippy LOL

Nbg Tue 18-Mar-08 09:50:31

Ooooh go on then grin

gscrym Tue 18-Mar-08 09:51:35

Sounds like a plan. Souldn't be a huge problem unless I'm on nights. I suppose I could just have fuit then or not have anything after 3am.

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:51:43

ha ha! loads of us then. I'll make a spreadsheet and keep track of yer all! wink you can CAT me your weight if you like, or leave your email addys and I will contact you for your stats LOL,and we can do a weekly weigh in if you like. Dont worry about what weight you are, thats not the point.

The point is, WE ARE GOING TO LOSE a DRESS SIZE - yes? or more if we can.

gscrym Tue 18-Mar-08 09:53:15

My email addy is gma5018142 at aol dot com.

Nbg Tue 18-Mar-08 09:54:55

So just to clarify, I can stuff my face till I'm sick in the day but after tea time its a no no?

Do we have a cut off time for dinner? Eg before 6pm.

I was 9 and half stone last time I weighed myself and a size 12.
Normally just under 9 stone and a size 10.

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 09:56:42

gscrym oooh, it might be a toughy for you then, yes - fruit is a good idea. Drinks is good - lo cal obviously, chewing gum, or even if you are desperate, a couple of fruit gums - they are fat free, and small enough not to really count. But only a couple. Just pop a couple in your purse/pocket, along with some fruit and time yourself maybe. At midnight say to yourself, OK treat time, apple yum yum. Then 3am OK treat time, fruit gums yum yum.

Its like when you start off running. You run / walk. and pace yourself between lamp posts. Same with your food. You would have to set your own timings - cos only you know how hungry you get. What do you do btw? I dont envy you nights <<shudders oooh know>>

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 10:01:44

Nbg LO very L

no real cut off time tbh. But its not good to eat late anyway, diet or not. And as far as stuffing. now now Nbg!! naughty naughty naughty girl. OK, this would be my food intake for any normal day - ish:

brekky - 2 weetabix/cereal; 1 toast with honey; mug of tea
morning snack - cup of coffee, couple of biccies

lunch - whatever Im serving the kiddies, could be noodles, beans on toast, poach egg, pasta in soup with peas.... anything; yoghurt maybe

afternoon snack, fruit, alwyas give LOs fruit and I tend to join them. drinks

TEA: main meal, usual meat, pots and veg; or something like curry with rice, or something with pasta. drinks (wine, juice, water...) Ice-cream or some other pud.

Evening snacks - chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, and maybe popcorn, or something else.

So, I cut out the pudding and I cut out the evening snacks.

gscrym Tue 18-Mar-08 10:02:36

Nights are okay, I suppose I'm used to them. I'm a manufacturing technician in a chemical plant. If I'm busy, the shift goes quite quickly. If it's quiet, that's when I find myself getting friendly with the crisp machine. It's 12.5hr shifts so I'll take some fruit and like you said, drinks should be okay. I'll steer clear of fresh fruit juice though because I'd spend the night guzzling that.

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 10:02:48

nbg envy your weight size even now. Id like to think you are only 4' and so a fat size 12 LOL

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 10:05:07

ooh gscrym, youre a better lass than I. I couldnt do it, not now at my age, with LO's anyway. Years ago, I used to be in the TA, and thought nothing of a working week in London, getting home, straight out the door, then on a weekend exercise, usually meaning no sleep on the Friday night, shift straight away. But at least even then, it was back to normal on the Sunday night and following week.

<<strokes gscrym hair and says awwwrrr...>>

MamaChris Tue 18-Mar-08 10:07:06

ok. I'm in Have been gaining weight recently, so even reversing that trend would be a start.

does it work if we have a late tea (8pm)? and what's "CAT"?

gscrym Tue 18-Mar-08 10:07:17

I'm purring happily!

It'd kill me working days. I do 4 on then 4 off for 8 weeks. After that I get 18 days off. I can go for almost 3 weeks at work and not have to clap eyes on my boss - result!

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 10:11:51

Right Im at work, coffee break over, I will make a spreadsheet in my lunch break, and get back to you all.

Ooh, just though our scales broke a few weeks back. Best buy some more. My DH weighs less than me, s'not good sad

Nbg Tue 18-Mar-08 10:13:32

I look like a borrower.

No seriously I have major over hanging issues and its not pretty.
Although my dd told me that she loved my jelly belly last week, so its not all that bad hmm

Brekkie I'll have a slice of toast and a banana but we are buggers for buying syrup pancakes so if we have them in, I eat about 4 of them blush

Lunch is usually a sandwich, normally ham and salad

Afternoons I pig out like a monster on sweet stuff

Tea hot meal usually meat and veg.
Then when the kids are in bed I gobble more chocs.

Wolfgirl Tue 18-Mar-08 10:14:57

..but so far, we have


Dont think Ive missed anyone.

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