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Cough and feeling hot - when do you go to the GPs?

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Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:35:18

DD (2y 8m) started being very hot to the touch on Saturday night. This contued throughout Sunday and she spent most of the day napping on and off, and not eating. She also had a nasty rattly cough. Calpol didn't really do anything regards temperature or cough. She has also coughed up gunge a couple of times. Temperature is now down on the whole, but probaby she feels hotter to touch than normal, but not like before. Cough is still here though and sounds quite horrid. It is obvisouly bothering her as it disturbs her sleep. She is also sleeping a lot during the day (she's doesn't normally nap now) and not eating hardly anything at all. yesterdday she had lost her voice entirely. Today it is there, but croaky and very little and quiet. She is normally such a chatterbox, the house feels eeriely quiet!

Would you be tempted to take her to see the GP tomorrow morning? Or would I be wasting his time?

I have to go for me anyway and had planned to go there in the morning (drop in system) whilst DD was at nursery. But not sure if I can send her to nursery right now - will have to see how she is tomorrow for that.

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:37:48

I would take her to the gp without doubt.
Sounds very much like a chest infection to me & you won't want it getting any worse 4 Christmas.

TinselTamum Tue 21-Dec-04 17:39:02

My dd was just the same last week- I think it's worth getting a doctor to listen to her chest. Our doctor confirmed that dd's infection was viral, but heard a lot of wheezes, so she had an inhaler which definitely helped at night. I would go and get her checked to be on the safe side at her age. Poor wee thing.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:39:43

That's what I was concerned about. Did talk to pharmisicst in our little Boots yesterday but got the impression that they thought I'd be wasting GPs time

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:40:41

OK, I will flollow my instincts and take her tomorrow then. Looks like my day of getting everything done whilst she was at nursery might be out of the question. How will I get my food shopping done now???????????

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 17:43:34

we had this too. lasted 48 hrs. I even gave dd1 baby nurofen at 2.30am cos she was so hot when she woke..but when she finally got up at 8am she was cool & happy. (i did take her to drs though to listen to her chest/look in her ears)

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:44:51

No, you should definetlt take her.
My ds had a cough which seemed to get worse, when he was a baby & when he started to cough up phlem I got him to the doctors & it was a chest infection.
She will need antibiotics if it is a chest infection & you will want to get some down her b4 Christmas.
I probably waste gp's time quite often with my boys, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:45:11

Definatly even!

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:45:16

It's been longer than that now. Started about 10pm on Saturday - so now 2 and a half days. Used Calpol for temperature but tried not to give her it yesterday and today. She did seem a bit brighter yesterday, but is back down again today. BUT not as bad as Sunday.

EbenyZebraScrooge Tue 21-Dec-04 17:46:46

I'd take her, too, and I'm one of the last to take a sick child to doctor. Mine never even went when they had Chicken pox, for instance.

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:46:49

Sounds very much like a chest infection to me.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:47:24

But she is definitely okay to wait until tomorrow morning, yes?

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:51:20

I would have thought so.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:53:29

Okay - first thing tomorrow then. They will love me going to the drop in - both me and DD at once! We don't seem to have a proper appointment system at all. Just a turn up and first come first serve system.

blueteddy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:58:05

It does sound like she needs some antibiotics though, so I would definetely take her.
Don't worry about wasting their time. I once phoned up the surgery about, what turned out to be travel sickness when my ds1 was small!!

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:59:04

Cheers. I somehow always end up feeling like an over-paranoid mummy! Amnd DD is so rarely poorly, I always end up not sure what to do like this.

posyhairdresser Tue 21-Dec-04 17:59:23

It sounds as though she is now getting over the virus, so the main concern would be if she has a bacterial infection on the back of the virus - signs of this which would indicate to take her to the GP include green/yellow mucous or earache.

I would not necessarily go the GP unless I suspected a seconday bacterial infection but I think it is better safe than sorry with little ones and a GP would probably give you peace of mind.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 18:01:26

When she did cough stuff up it was clear - more like clear catarh (sp?) from all the coughing.

I reckon with it being so close to Christmas I need the piece of mind.

posyhairdresser Tue 21-Dec-04 18:03:04

Peace of mind is jolly important and if there is an infection then the sooner you get some antibiotics the better. Clear mucous is good though!

posyhairdresser Tue 21-Dec-04 18:04:02

My GP says that little children come unstuck by not blowing their noses to get rid of the gunk!
Can your dd blow her nose yet?

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 18:29:11

Kind of, but not as efficiently as she could I guess.

misdee Tue 21-Dec-04 18:47:41

i'd taker her. dd2 has had a horrible cough and cold for over a week, and i didnt take her as fekt it was just a cough, and what with dh in hospital i didnt have time. finally took her yesterday, and she needs sntibiotics now.

hope your dd feels better soon.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 22:15:15

What o you know? I woke her up at 7pm - yes, she has only just gone back to bed as a resul! - and she was so bright and cheery. Her voice is back and she has been chatting away non stop. her temperature must be down too as skin feels normal. And she had something (not much admittedly) to eat and drink too. She does still have a nasty cough (although not as bad) and looks pale and tired. But so much better than before.

I will still take her to GPs in morning - simply as I am going anyway. But if the same I will take her into nursery for 2 or 3 hours so I can go and do my food shop for Boxing Day. DH will be on the end of his mobile, lss than a mile away if she does suddenly feel poorly again. Just think she'd be better off (and I would) in nursery having fun - provided she's not properly ill obviously - rather than being dragged round a busy supermarket.

MistltAeroAndWine Tue 21-Dec-04 22:29:39

Worth getting her checked out ,not least for your own peace of mind. Dd was checked out this morning - has had similar symptoms and the cough has dragged on for weeks and she's gone downhill since yesterday and was also sick last night. She wasn't given ABs, which is fine by me, but she's also had a few other symptoms which suggest she may have a water infection or something in that dept, so tests are underway and we're keeping an eye on her - poor mite. The Dr was happy to see her though and I feel better in my mind knowing that I've had her checked out. They will take further action if necessary which I'm happy with for now.

fruitcake Tue 21-Dec-04 22:36:15

Great news, hulababy! My dd (4)& ds (1)are both suffering from the same thing. Ds is picking up but dd is still v. pale, coughs in the night inspite of cough mixture, eats even less than usual. I hope she's okay for Xmas. Last year she had chickenpox so missed Xmas dinner. Was too sick to open her pressies, too!

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