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can eat, won't eat

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littleweed Tue 21-Dec-04 14:13:23

since hvaing antibiotics for aburst eardrum 2 weesk ago my DS has changed totoally. from eating everyhting he could lay his hands on, he will now only eat weetabix for breakfast....... adn thats it allday. it's not texture as he will take abite of a breadstick. won't let me give him any pureed stuff, won't eat any finger food, adn most worrying of all, won't go near petit filou which he usually would gobble dwon all in one go. he's not drinking much milk - only 4oz at a time so is waking in the night hungry then being really out of sorts all day because he's whacked. I'm quite woried about him. Dh says its jst teething but he's just not himslef. am taking him to the DR this afternoon but am worreid am going to be labelled neurotic paranoid mother. has anyone else experienced anyhting like this?

Jimjambells Tue 21-Dec-04 14:21:52

do you think it still hurts him to swallow (if the infection hasn't cleared up or whatever)? Or does he have a sore throat or something as well. As he's not drinking much milk either I would suspect that it hurts him to swallow.

My ds1 cut down his diet dramatically after an illness and a series of very strong antibiotics (went from eating everything to just eating bread)- but he still wanted the same quantitiy fo food- and your situation doesn't sound the same.

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