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Reflux - when do they stop?!!!

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GeorginaAdventCalendar Mon 20-Dec-04 16:47:04

I always thought that once they were on solids that it would get easier!!

Ds2 is now 7 months old and STILL being regularly sicky. Just visited a friend's house today - he'd had his meal of leak & potato a good three hours previously and he still managed to sick up several times while we were there and it REEKED! At least when it was just milk it was vaguely inoffensive.

Should I just plan to not visit anywhere for the next 6 months or so?!! Or just plan his diet around stuff that doesn't smell too bad after three hours of digestion...


bakedpotatohoho Mon 20-Dec-04 16:58:11

take heart... there is an end.

however, in my very very refluxy dd's case... it wasn't until 9 months. but that's when she started sitting up. is ds2 sitting up yet? in which case i'm sure you're nearly clear.

oh god, the smell, the bibs, the washing of the bedlinen, the stains on the sofa, the general yuckness of it

LIZS Mon 20-Dec-04 17:33:42

With dd we noticed a real difference in both the sickiness and her attitude towards food at about a year, at which point she was walking. She suddenly seemed to develop more of an appetite for the things we were eating and we had been quite cautious about lumps and so on up until then. Like you we had hoped solids might help but her increased mobility meant it was more difficult to take precautionary measures, such as sitting her upright, and intorducing lumpier texxtires was really hard. We did still have a few incidents after a year, if she gagged, for example, or had a bumpy ride in the car, but it certainly marked a turning point.


SantaQuated Mon 20-Dec-04 17:36:42

i would say about 12 months too.
i smelt of babysick for 12 months twice then i childminded a little girl who was exactly the same.

KathH Mon 20-Dec-04 17:40:56

that's another 40 1/2 weeks to go then for me!

SantaQuated Mon 20-Dec-04 17:45:18

weetabix is the worst.

KathH Mon 20-Dec-04 17:49:48

can't wait

ZCMUM Mon 20-Dec-04 17:52:26

Yeah my DD is 12m now and only stopped about a month ish ago! She still sometimes gags now, only when she tries to eat the whole meal in one go!

janeyjinglebops Mon 20-Dec-04 18:41:31

There will be an end but I know it doesn't seem like it now. DD got much better (gradually) once she started walking at 13 months, and by the time she was 18-20 months she was rarely sick.

Hold in there it is tough but does end!

By the was ds didn't have it thank goodness.

jane313 Mon 20-Dec-04 18:57:19

Mine stopped at about 10 months and we felt safe to properly clean the carpet when he was a year! But whenever he has a bad cough it tends to recur. And he can throw up any sort of medicine almost on demand so i have taken to mixing it with chocolate pudding!

singersgirl Mon 20-Dec-04 19:05:48

Same as the others - it really got better when DS1 was about 1 and walking. But he still had a tendency to gag/vomit easily ie vomited every time he had a cough or cold up until the age of 5. In fact it's amazing that it's now been nearly a year since he was last sick with a cold! Time to get new carpets, as DS2 is now dry and clean....

GeorginaAdventCalendar Mon 20-Dec-04 19:53:31

Hmm... the thread started off quite hopeful. I can last out to 9 months and sitting, I thought. Then people started upping the estimate to 1 year and 18 months ;)

ARGH... my carpets can't take any more!!

andthistooshallpass.... andthistooshallpass.... andthistooshallpass.... andthistooshallpass....

singersgirl Tue 21-Dec-04 11:12:13

I remember asking the health visitor at DS's 8 month check whether it would ever end - by this time he was sitting, pulling up and commando crawling - and she said often not until they started to walk. I felt the same despair that you now feel - everything smelly and soggy all the time....But you're right - it SHALL pass!

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 21-Dec-04 11:19:05

I think it tends to stop when the child is getting really strong at sitting up. When they first sit up, they still keep posseting because they are straining to stay upright and that puts a strain on the stomach muscles (well, that is my pet theory anyway).

jane313 Tue 21-Dec-04 18:34:18

my top tip for not having to change them all the time and to stop their chests getting wet is to put a plastic backed bib between their vests and top. It was a bit like a comedy white shirt front(dicky??) or a bullet proofed vest. But it did the trick and was nicer than them always in a bib and he couldn't pull it off.

Yes I hoped it would stop at pulling himself up or sitting up on his own, but it took 2 months longer!

moosh Wed 22-Dec-04 11:17:47

Ds stopped about a month ago he was 9 months. The doc told me he may be on gaviscon for up to a year, he is still sometimes a little sick but only once a day and a little.

SarahBee Thu 23-Dec-04 13:43:04

I found about the 9 month age too, when DD became mobile (crawling), but sitting hadn't made a difference for us. Are you using something like Gaviscon though? DD became really uncomfortable with all the vomiting and because she was putting weight on, no one suggested Gaviscon until I begged for something to make it stop. I know it doesn't always work but it completely changed my experience of motherhood (and the washing machine was quite pleased too )

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