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Fundraising In loving memory of our son James!

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vio Wed 12-Mar-08 15:23:49

Our son James was born on 28 Apr 2007, he sadly passed away on 11 Sep 2007, in our arms at Robin House ( Children's Hospice).
James was born with a rare genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, he had the most severe form of EB and was fatal in infancy.
James skin was as fragile as butterfly wings, his skin broke at even the slightest touch, causing painful open blisters and wounds, the blistering was not limited to his skin, but also affected his inner body linings, such as his mouth and oesophagus. James was a very brave wee boy, he was a son we have always been proud of and it has been a privilege to be his parents. In loving memory of our son James Terrence Lynch ( Jim Jim ), we are going to do the Great Scottish Walk on 11 May 2008 in Glasgow, please support us by visiting our fundraising website, thank you very much!

sleepycat Wed 12-Mar-08 15:26:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepycat Wed 12-Mar-08 15:27:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elibean Wed 12-Mar-08 15:35:16

Good for you, Vio....and I'm so sorry for your loss. EB sounds awful. Will visit your website now.

Elibean Wed 12-Mar-08 15:40:47

He was just beautiful. I'm so sorry. Good luck with the Walk. xxx

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 15:55:16

Thank You very much Elibean, Dont worry sleepycat, it's the thought that counts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We would be grateful if you would share his fundraising page with your friends, work colleagues, family members, help us raise funds and awareness ! Thanks again!

sagacious Wed 12-Mar-08 16:14:41

Bump for you

Hulababy Wed 12-Mar-08 16:16:13

Good luck with the walk.

He was beautiful; with the most amazing big eyes.

vio Thu 13-Mar-08 12:18:59

Thanks everyone, please help us by visting our page or send to your friends and family members. Every £ helps, you can donate as little as £2. My sincere thanks to everyone of you!

vio Thu 13-Mar-08 21:24:11


weebleswobble Fri 14-Mar-08 08:14:43

Bumping for the morning mners.

vio Fri 14-Mar-08 12:05:23

Thank you so much WW!

Tallie11 Fri 14-Mar-08 15:38:14

Your website message was so moving. He was a gorgeous baby boy. You must have been so proud of him.

lots of love

Tallie xxx

vio Fri 14-Mar-08 15:54:07

Tallie, yes, we are very proud of him , and its been a privilege to be his parents

vio Fri 14-Mar-08 18:05:06


TaLcYranoDeBergerac Fri 14-Mar-08 18:17:20

Such a beautiful baby boy, vio.
Wishing you the best of luck with your walk and fundraising.

vio Sat 15-Mar-08 10:00:26

Thank you very much ladies!

vio Sun 16-Mar-08 17:57:54

Please support us ladies, with your help, we can make EB curable!

VanillaPumpkin Sun 16-Mar-08 18:21:23

Good Luck Vio!


Annortherner Sun 16-Mar-08 18:32:13

Will send this the page to every one I know. My birthday is 13th May, so will have a party and charge for drinks and pass the money on to you. Good Luck. With Love Ann, Archie,Stan,Maisie and Tilly xxxx PS, IF it's only a fiver its heading your way xx

vio Sun 16-Mar-08 19:41:40

Thank you very much fellow MNetters

allegrageller Sun 16-Mar-08 19:54:16

very best of luck Vio.

I was familiar with Jim Jim's story because I was (very briefly) on the pregnancy board you posted on. Your bravery is truly incredible. He is stunning. xx

vio Sun 16-Mar-08 20:20:47

Thank you allegra, people like you and many many others, you know who you are, your love and support have been a constant comfort to us. Thank you so much!

allegrageller Sun 16-Mar-08 20:21:28

let's bump it up some more!

Arbensmum Mon 17-Mar-08 10:13:49


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