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Good luck eemie!

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fisilhohoho Sun 19-Dec-04 20:59:59

I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

(in case you want to see what I'm talking about )

eemie Fri 24-Dec-04 10:10:06

Just spotted this fisilhohoho, thanks for your good wishes. Operation did go well & I'm home taking it easy. Feeling better than I expected most of the time.

On Wednesday night after lights out my dd tied a ribbon round her neck and pulled it tighter than she intended, almost strangling herself. My dh heard her call and when he charged downstairs yelling for scissors I leapt off the couch, sprang into the kitchen, grabbed them and took the stairs three at a time. I cut her free, cuddled her up and comforted her and felt *no pain at all* until about 20 minutes later when she was asleep and we were all calm again. My Mum said she'd never seen me move so fast in her entire life. Interesting, eh?

Puts operation in perspective, anyway.

Happy Christmas

fisilhohoho Sun 26-Dec-04 12:19:55

I'm glad it went well. And I'm glad dd is OK! Did you make it away for Christmas?

eemie Wed 29-Dec-04 14:55:10

We did get away - a bit painful for me but dd is in her element playing with her cousins. I had to go to the local hospital yesterday with a wound infection, feeling distinctly average. My dh has had to go back home without us but will return on Friday. Strange but, considering the alternatives, I'm not complaining. Hope you had a good one

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