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Couch to 5km - part II (as amazingly our other thread is nearly full!!)

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Furball Tue 11-Mar-08 07:58:02

Sorry to hi-jack your thread misdee but thought we needed a fresh thread as fan-bloody-tasticly we have nearly reached the limit on the other one.

Thanks to Rawb for his podcasts who deffo for me has made it easy and the huge support of others here.

Here is the link incase anyone new would like to join us.

LadyJogsAlot Tue 11-Mar-08 08:29:04

woo hoo!
still have v chesty cough

LilRedWG Tue 11-Mar-08 08:33:43

Just wanted to say well done ladies!!! I've still not go past doing week one as it seems to have upset my pelvis and hip (I had severe SPD), so am going to do my physio and then come back - but I'm watching you all

misdee Tue 11-Mar-08 09:52:08

thanks furball.

still not running this week as chest feels bad strill. buit crackly this morning. been coughing again.

Minum Tue 11-Mar-08 10:08:36

Had a fairly good one this morning - stopped slightly earlier than I should have done, as my legs were really painful. Feel OK now, not sure quite what happened.

Nice and bright out there, enjoy your runs, ladies smile

Furball Tue 11-Mar-08 10:17:08

been out and done week 6 run 1 and blooming heck found it hard? couldn't wait to get home. crazy to think 2 x 5 mins and 1 x 8 mins was difficult when last week I did 20 mins no problem. I think the music last week was better so for the 25 min run will use last weeks music to help my brain.

SparklyPrincess Tue 11-Mar-08 15:22:31

Hey guys,

I've got the b*gger all motivation bug! Been having some trouble with stiff neck/shoulders or trapped nerve or something and its been impossible to run. Got very strange looks when I tried, repeating my 'ow, ow, ow' mantra...

Anyhow, seems to be getting better but the weather is hideous! Keep thinking I should let me heal more, but I'm not sure I'm fooling myself any more!

Kick up the rear anyone?

SP xx

fishie Tue 11-Mar-08 15:28:03

hello i ahve been watching you all and sort of following but not with the podcast. anyway i would like some advice.

i have got stuck at about 4.5k (according to map my run) and now ipod has broken sad. i tried without music and it was much harder. also until clocks go back i can only run at weekends so am only going twice a week with no break day. i had increased time by adding a song every week. how can i keep on track and sustain improvement?

LadyJogsAlot Thu 13-Mar-08 10:24:33

oh god. i haven't done any exercise at all for over a week.

going out tonight.


LadyJogsAlot Thu 13-Mar-08 21:05:55

i didn't go

where is everyone?

roll call:

sparklyp rincess?


is there anybody out there?

pinkspottywellies Thu 13-Mar-08 21:21:42

Jogs! What do you mean you didn't go! Go tomorrow.

I went swimming last night - 40 lengths and I went running tonight. I only did about 15 mins though and will rung again on Saturday.

Come on everyone. Don't let it tail off now. Has everyone got a Race for Life or something to enter to keep motivated?

bramblebooks Thu 13-Mar-08 22:04:44

Helloooo!!! Waves hand at ladyjogsalot and everyone else.

I have been graduating! I graduated yesterday with my Masters in Education - so have had little time for running - work Tues / Thurs. Tomorrow, however, is another day and I'll do a bit of a run

Hope you've all been getting on well

Furball Fri 14-Mar-08 06:48:50

I'm here - last went Tuesday!

off out for week 6 run 2 which is 2 x 10 mins then have a 25 minuter on Monday [help!] will use the 20 minute music and the cool down music for that though as I found that made it easier to run to hmm

Minum Fri 14-Mar-08 07:11:45

I'm here Ladyjogsslot, havent been posting so much, as I'm struggling a bit at the moment.

Congratulations Bramblebooks, hope you enjoyed your graduation.

Good luck Furball, hope the 2 x 10 went well, roll on Monday smile

I went out yesterday, didnt go that well, had to walk part of it, I think I've increased the length of my run too quickly, before I was ready. Will go out again tomorrow, and try again.

Current favourite track to run to is Wig Wam Bam grin

Itsthawooluff Fri 14-Mar-08 08:39:21

[Sniff, sneeze, blows nose with honking sound]

Ladyjogsalot - You called? Are you going today? Are you? You know you'll feel better for it!

Missed a couple because of rotten cold, and am really missing it. Hopefully will pick up again on Sunday, got to raise my game to the heady heights of 5 mins.

Oh yes, and in rash moment agreed to do Race for Life at Worcester. Oh my giddy aunt. I've agreed to run in public with people watching. Can you run with a bag on your head?

Furball Fri 14-Mar-08 09:19:19

I'm back - ended up doing 1 x 15 minute and 1 x 10 as I accidently knocked the mp3 player onto the next tune when I nearly finished the warm up, blush so had to re-start the programme and couldn't be bothered to do another 5 minute walk so ran it!

I know how you feel wooluffy - I had a terrible bug and didn't run for 2 weeks. amazingly I started where I left off no probs. - ps - I think it's time for another meet up so come and find me over there.

good luck to everyone, keep on running......

Furball Fri 14-Mar-08 10:22:17

Has anyone listened to the week 5 music? there is a track on there that plays running water - makes you want to do a paula radcliffe at the side of the road grin

misdee Fri 14-Mar-08 10:34:24

well ladies, i dont know where i stand now.

would like to carry on running, but need to see my doc and midwife first to discuss it i guess.

LadyJogsAlot Fri 14-Mar-08 11:10:34

shock misdee? have i missed something?

can't go out tonight as i have to look after the baby. i'll prolly go on sunday.

(i lost 2 pounds this week, must be all that not exercising )

Furball Fri 14-Mar-08 11:17:53

wow misdee - CONGRATULATIONS! grin

misdee Fri 14-Mar-08 11:23:35

lol ladyjogsalot. yup you missed it

had a BFP this week, so am unsure on what to do now.

will still be doing RFL, even if i can only walk it.

LadyJogsAlot Fri 14-Mar-08 13:08:13

walking is still great for you. i am def gonna do some exercise next time i'm pregnant!

i am now back to my pre preg weight
i want to lose more

LadyJogsAlot Fri 14-Mar-08 13:08:47

a million congrats to you and your fam too

widgypog Sat 15-Mar-08 10:41:38

I am here, sorry I have had bad knees so have been resting a bit as per chiropractors instructions. I have been doing aerobics and walking . i am gonna start running again tonight so we will see how I get on .

How is everyone else doing?

pinkspottywellies Sat 15-Mar-08 18:16:28

Congratulations Misdee!! So delighted for you grin

I've just done 5k!!! Well just over - about 5.14k, which took just over 34 mins. Can't believe it! I just checked my calender and it's 10 weeks since I did my first run so it's definitely achievable on this programme! I had 2 weeks in Feb where I only did one run and the last 2 weeks I've done a swim instead of 1 run.

Come on everyone!! Go for it!

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