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anyone tried Aalgo for their child's eczema?

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vannah Mon 10-Mar-08 14:34:19

Ive got two tubs of it, Im not sure if it ever really worked as we tried lots of things at the same time.
At any rate DS wont use it now as he is frightened of the colour it turns the bathwater...

but was wondering if I should recommend it to a friend - her daughter is 6 months old and the eczema is severe.

anyone used it?

gingerninja Mon 10-Mar-08 14:36:47

I'd let her dr advise her TBH because there are so many different things and what works for one may not be appropriate for another and if it's that severe you don't want to feel bad if it agrivates it.

What is it anyway?

vannah Mon 10-Mar-08 14:45:39

Hmm. Youre right
its a seaweed powder, greeny-brown and stinks of dead fish

gingerninja Mon 10-Mar-08 14:48:31

nice grin

did it work for your DS?

vannah Mon 10-Mar-08 14:57:02

his skin cleared up at the time but it may have been the other thigs i was trying...

sophi1 Wed 14-Oct-09 17:22:05

Hi I just wanted to add we came across Aalgo by chance at a local food market and I am so sceptical after trying various different things for my 5 year olds severe eczema. After 3 weeks he looks and acts like a different child, this really has worked for us, it seems to really soften the skin and repair it. Hoe this helps others wanting to try it

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