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Anyone got rid of Acne WITHOUT drugs???

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jinglebelljodee Thu 16-Dec-04 20:55:55

Hoping someone can help, since being pg with ds in 1999 acne has appeared on my back and chest (always had combination skin with occasional spots on my face, but never anywhere else).

We tried for a very long time for a second child so during that time I didn't want to risk even antibiotics. Second child has eluded us so far, so I decided to go to the docs and deal with the acne instead. Took a course of antibiotics (strongest dose) but they did nothing (other than give me headaches).

Decided I REALLY didn't want to go through another summer (i.e. next year) feeling so self-conscious that I wouldn't wear any strappy tops so wanted to get it sorted now and try something stronger.

Unfortunately, unless I go on the Pill, the doctor will not prescribe accutane (sp?) or anything else as the risks to an unborn child are too great. I won't go on the Pill as we haven't totally given up on another baby, although not really "trying".

Just wondered if anyone had had any luck with natural treatments - vague recollection of Vit B5 being helpful for acne - am willing to try anything.

feastofstevenmom Thu 16-Dec-04 21:02:58

don't know if you have tried topical antibiotics - ie. you put it on your face last thing at night, wash it off in the morning. worked for me, and no side effect problems (well apart from looking a bit yellow if I missed a bit when washing it off

sorry i know that this is way not a natural treatment, but thought it might be worth trying

jinglebelljodee Thu 16-Dec-04 21:10:29

Hi feastofstevenmom, meant to say that the doc did give me Zineryt, which is a topical antibiotic application, but it's very difficult to apply to the back (and also like water - very runny - so where I HAVE managed to apply it, it doesn't appear to have done very much). Not sure how many days/weeks before I would see a change, have used it for a month).

HelloMama Thu 16-Dec-04 21:17:19

I used to have bad acne and took long-term antibiotics during my teens. They kind of worked. Then someone recommended going to see a chinese herbalist. This was so amazing and really worked for me. The herbalist makes an assessment, and its very holistic. You then get given a bag of barks and twigs to boil up at home and then you drink the brew that is left from all the boiling. You have to drink it every day for a number of weeks. It absolutely stinks and tastes horrible (at first) but if you can bear with it, I found the results, in terms of my skin and the rest of my health really beneficial. They can also address fertility issues and they may even suggest your acne is linked to your problems about getting pregnant, so they may be able to help you with this too. This may all sound quite hippy-ish, but I'm just normal (honest!) and found it really helpful! The only thing I would advise is that you go to someone who is properly registered, or even by recommendation if possible, as there are a lot of rogue practitioners out there.

popsycal Thu 16-Dec-04 21:19:09

my sis went to a homeopath which helped

jabberwocky Thu 16-Dec-04 21:20:06

I've used Witch Hazel which seems to work well.

gooseysgettingfat Thu 16-Dec-04 21:23:21

I used to get bad spots on my back and shoulders and read somewhere that hair conditioner can exacerbate the problem. The spots improved dramatically when I stopped washing and conditioning my hair in the shower and tipped forwards over the bath for hair washing instead.

aloha Thu 16-Dec-04 21:36:26

There is a light treatment called Omilux which has been effective for some people - painless, no side effects, just a strong blue light on affected areas.

Twink Thu 16-Dec-04 21:46:11

I'd be interested in hearing anything too as my dh has taken longterm antibiotics and suddenly become violently allergic to them. The combination of the allergic reaction plus the reoccurance of the spots is driving him bananas.

I'd have to drug him to do anything he sees as remotely 'alternative' - i'm the hippy in this house although I think he's getting to the 'try anything' stage.

He stopped drinking alcohol 3 months ago for other reasons and his skin is far better than could be expected without the antibiotic so I guess the combination of no booze coupled with the huge volume of water he's drinking instead must be helping.

jinglebelljodee Fri 17-Dec-04 21:18:56

Thanks for replying - hellomama, that sounds REVOLTING! But there is a Chinese herbalist nearby, but I would have to make sure he was accredited/registered. so after taking the mixture for 2 weeks, when did you notice an improvement? Did the acne completely go and not return?

Aloha, I had never heard of Omnilux, did a search and found a number to ring to see if it is a procedure carried out anywhere near me (at £60+ a time though!)

serenequeen Fri 17-Dec-04 21:23:54

had terrible acne for years, did vits, supplements and anti-biotics. sorry, the only thing that worked was (ro)accutane - as you say it is completely verboten during pg...

sorry not to have better news...

shrub Fri 17-Dec-04 21:47:52

i had roaccutane on prescription and the doctor tried to make me go on the pill but i refused and said me and me dh would refrain from sex during treatment (didn't feel particularly attractive anyway!) he finally accepted - was a few years ago now but i think i had to give a written consent that he had tried to persuade me to take the pill and i had refused. since then had occasional spots and find washing in unrefined sea salt has really helped (don't rinse or dry it off) and oils from 'comfort and' or - a product called 'oh no, oh yes' works wonders and has won awards. water is the big cleanser, drink warm with lemon!

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 22:07:13

Yes, it is expensive, isn't it? From what I can see it does seem to work - though nothing is 100%. But it does mean you could continue to ttc.

phatcat Fri 17-Dec-04 23:07:17

not relevant for you at the moment jbj if you are ttc - but I had great success in clearing up my acne with the oral contraceptive Dianette. It took about 6 months to work fully - I stayed on it for about 5 years, but stopped when I wanted to get pg 2 1/2 years ago and the acne has never returned (just the occasional 'normal' spot). I experienced no side effects and got pg 3 months after stopping - ds1 is perfectly healthy.

shrub - ta for the comfort and joy link - I will check out 'oh no oh yes' - haven't heard of it before

charleypops Fri 17-Dec-04 23:22:49

I had exactly the same problem. The only thing that worked for me was, like phatcat, Dianette. I took it for about a year I think, (this was years ago) and it cleared it up completely. Touch wood, it never returned! I do remember people raving about Retinol (Vitamin A), a topical cream, which you can get from your doctor.

These days I'd probably try the Chinese herbal stuff. They cleared up my friend's dd's warts straight away after they'd tried just about everything else. Good luck!

NatureDoc Sat 18-Dec-04 22:26:56

Back and chest spots are prob due to congestion of the lung - def go and see a good naturopathic iridologist to get this sorted - will also help your likeliehood of getting pregnant again - these can helped so easily through diet and herbs -try to find someone in your area - best of luck.

noddyholder Sat 18-Dec-04 22:30:06

dp took roaccutane and is now riddled with arthritis and so are many others who took it in the 70s so avoid it and go down the natural road if you can

HelloMama Sat 18-Dec-04 22:52:18

i think the chinese herbalist said you have to give it 6 weeks to notice a difference (drinking it every day), but that is the same as taking oral antibiotics anyway. The thing is, as well as my skin clearing up, I had never felt better. Plus, although the stuff is terrible to drink at first, you almost start craving it, although i was reassured it is NOT addictive! HTH!

jodee Sun 23-Jan-05 21:39:38

Acne revisited!: Have this week started both the lightbox treatment and the disgusting herbal Chinese concoction (HelloMama, you are most certainly right about the horrible smell/taste). I've hired a blue/red light box for 2 months and started a month's course of the Chinese herbal remedy (don't even ask how much this is costing!), my thinking being that I need to work on the problem from the inside as well as the outside. Watch this space for the results!

HelloMama Sun 23-Jan-05 21:57:41

Jodee I look forward to hearing how it goes. I wish you success! And I promise you will start wanting to drink that stuff!

jodee Sun 23-Jan-05 22:00:47

Thanks HelloMama - I certainly hope it isn't addictive, DH wasn't keen on the lingering smell in the kitchen yesterday!

NatureDoc Mon 24-Jan-05 21:26:22

diet, herbs such as burdock, poke root and oregan grape are brilliant - find a local naturopath or herbalist - takes approx 6 weeks!

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