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How the hell DO I get rid of DS1's threadworms? What am I doing wrong?

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DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Thu 16-Dec-04 17:26:14

Have posted before about DS1's itchy bum, but here goes again...

He's had three doses of Ovex now (and he has been seen by the GP). However each time he's had the medicine he's started scratching his bum again after a few days. DS2 and DH have had two doses of the medicine (I didn't dose them the third time because neither of them had ever had any symptoms at all). I can't take it myself because I'm breastfeeding.

Anyway, DS1 is STILL scratching away and DH was taken on one side today by his teacher who said she thought he might have threadworms! Can't believe she hasn't mentioned it before now..

So what do I do? Each time he's had the medicine, I have also cut his nails, and washed his bum each morning to remove any eggs laid during the night. He wears pyjama bottoms and pyjama pants in bed, so I don't think he's scratching his bottom in his sleep. We get him and DS2 to wash their hands after they use the loo and before they eat. Is there anything else we should be doing? They have their own towels and flannels. Obviously everything gets washed regularly (although not ironed - could this be where I'm going wrong?).

Please help! I've just started taking vile grapefruit seed extract which is a herbal remedy, in case I'm the source of the contagion (you lot are all going to be edging away from me at the next meet-up I go to! )

JanH Thu 16-Dec-04 17:28:27

Has anybody else in his class got them, do you know, dino?

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Thu 16-Dec-04 17:37:35

Well, I haven't seen anybody else coming out of school walking like John Wayne, only DS1

But given that apparently 40% of schoolchildren have them, I'm sure some of the others must.

JanH Thu 16-Dec-04 17:44:49

He must be getting reinfected from somewhere, unless his are just resistant to Ovex - have you spoken to GP/HV about it? Might there be an alternative medicine you could try? It sounds as if you are doing all you can atm - usually the 2 doses work fine.

OTOH - <<Threadworms are highly contagious, because their eggs are so easily spread. Eggs can live outside the body for up to 3 weeks. That is why it is advisable to treat the whole family and inform the school to prevent cross-infection.>> THREE WEEKS?????? Hmmmm.

This site advertises Ovex, don't know if it's the manufacturer, but it says at the bottom of the page "Since the lifecycle of an adult worm can be up to 2 months, it is advisable to continue with these general hygiene measures for at least six weeks to prevent re-infection." (It also recommends ironing.)

Does that help at all?

Santasluckylittlehelper Thu 16-Dec-04 18:10:36

Dinosaur - I'd treat him (again!) when they break up from school. - If he stays clear then its pretty certain he's getting them from someone at school. Has he definitely still got them or do you think maybe he's got into a bit of a scratching habit? Is there some other cream you can use (Lanacane? from memory) although check its suitable for little ones. Or what about thrush, could it be that?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 16-Dec-04 18:27:26

If you have any pets, have you wormed them? Are there any pets he regularly handles who might be infected? Does he play outdoors anywhere cats might have, um, been? (Unlikely in this weather, but worth checking ...)

Not to be too detailed, but the worms come out and lay eggs near the anus, which makes it itchy. The child scratches, gets eggs on his fingers, then ends up ingesting the eggs. Given he starts itching again in a day or two, I'd assume he's getting re-infected around the house somehow? I guess I'd try changing PJs, sheets, towels, flannels daily?

If you had them, I think you'd know. The itching is quite strong.

cazzybabs Thu 16-Dec-04 18:58:17

You also need to vachum their rooms every day and wet dust them. Also watch toothbrushes - could be re-infecting them.

Shimmy21 Thu 16-Dec-04 19:40:37

And I'm sure your right about reinfection happening from school. We are bombarded with stuff on headlice but almost zilch on thread worms and they're so common. I think a lot of parents don't even know the symptoms.

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Fri 17-Dec-04 09:23:35

Thanks everyone. It is interesting what you say about the itching being quite strong, NotQuiteCockney - because DS2, myself and DH have not been itchy at all - suggesting perhaps that none of us have had them?

I also wonder about whether he might just have got into the habit of scratching, Santasluckylittlehelper - he doesn't really scratch when he's at home, just at school, which seems odd!

Oh dear, vacuuming everyday, ironing, washing all their stuff everyday - I just don't think we can do that, the washing machine is on twice a day as it is!

cazzybabs Fri 17-Dec-04 09:38:27

Ys because the clue is they scratch at night. There is a selotape test where you collect egges (if there are any and give it your GP for testing) and another one where you look with a torch to see if you can see them (YUCK I know).

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Fri 17-Dec-04 09:44:57

Cazzybabs, I have looked with a torch at night but never seen anything.

I haven't heard of the Sellotape test - where do I apply the sellotape - his bottom or his pyjamas?

StuffTheMagicTurkey Fri 17-Dec-04 09:54:36

Dinosaur, I haven't got anything useful to add (wish I had, sorry), but your last post about using the torch to search at night made me laugh - the things us parents have to do for our kids!

Seriously though, I hope your ds is ok. My only other thought is maybe HE doesn't have threadworms either. Perhaps he is just getting a lot of irritation around a particular area when he goes to the loo at school, hence the scratching. Loos at school are always invariably horrid (they always were in the ones I worked in, despite cleaners best efforts). Sometimes, I think children are so desperate to get out of the loo, they maybe don't wipe themselves properly etc and get sore.

Thecattlearemerloting Fri 17-Dec-04 10:18:21

Interesting Dinosaur - my ds1 had threadworms about a year ago and we treated it some tablets (bought over the counter) which required one tablet to be taken with a follow up dose 2 weeks later. They worked instantaneously!

A year later Ds1 has the little b*ggers again and my dh bought Ovex (one tab only). A week later and ds1 is complaining of itching again!

I wish I could remember the name of the original tablets (anyone got any ideas??)

JanH Fri 17-Dec-04 11:22:18

IIRC Boots own ones are like that, Merlot.

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Fri 17-Dec-04 16:37:24

Interesting, merlot. Off to Boots tomorrow then!

Thecattlearemerloting Fri 17-Dec-04 20:49:51

Cheers Jan - will do the Boots trip too

Eve Sun 02-Jan-05 15:56:17

...I have also got a DS 5 who is constantly affected ny these. I thought they went in 2 week cycles so 6 weeks is intereting, as he seems to go 6-8 weeks between bouts.

We are trying everything to get rid of the things, he find them very painful and will cry a lot during the night with the discomfort.

I qive him grapefruit seed extract and ovex tablets but he keps gettting them.

He has had about 4/5 doses since August, I think he got them from the beach as he came home form holidays with them. No-one else has got them in the family so I think hygience wise we are doing OK, just can't get rid of the things.

Carla Sun 02-Jan-05 16:02:12

I just love MN. Good luck XXXXX

MancMum Sun 02-Jan-05 17:26:36

don't foget to clean bath toys.... the buggers can hide in them!

juniperdewdrop Sun 02-Jan-05 18:07:43

We've had to take the tablets for worms recently and they're called Pripsen. HTH

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