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14 week dd constipated for 3 days

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Minkyjj Sun 24-Nov-02 15:23:33

Our 14 week old DD hsa not passed poo for 3 and a half days now. Any ideas on what might help her, and at what stage should I worry and seek further help?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

PS She is fed 50% breast 50% formula, sleeps well, and is weeing just fine. She doesnt seem unhappy or in discomfort, its just the parents who are worried/concerned/baffled...

Eulalia Sun 24-Nov-02 15:36:05

Some babies of this age can go up to 5 days without pooing, particularly breastfed ones as there is so little waste. Maybe after another couple of days try some well diluted fruit juice but I'd bet something (large!) happens before then.

By the way my son (age 3) still sometimes goes 3 days before pooing (yuk!)

dkdad Sun 24-Nov-02 16:32:08

our 12 week-old regularly goes a week or so without pooing as do his peers. He seems to get a little uncomfortable for about a day and then we know the 'explosion' is imminent! And it is then normally an explosion - we draw straws to see who will change him afterwards!

SofiaAmes Sun 24-Nov-02 16:42:11

I didn't think a baby that isn't only solids could actually be "constipated." My understanding is that different babies poo at different rates. My exclusively breastfed ds poo-ed several times a day for the first 6 months (that's when i started solids) and my dd who is now 8 weeks and exclusively breastfed goes 2 or 3 days without pooing. It still comes out totally liquid.

music Sun 24-Nov-02 16:51:01

My dd sometimes seems to get constipated. (The actual signs of this are small pellet poos which are hard!) If your dd doesn't seem to have this, her habits might just be changing. But if you think she is constipated, you can try giving her a little water(cooled, boiled)regularly. Also, well diluted orange juice is supposed to help. But the things I find most effective are to massage gently(with no nappy on)round the belly button in a clockwise direction and 'cycle' dd's legs against her belly. Whenever the problem arrises I do these things a little after every nappy change and usually at some point if not the same day, then the day after there is a reward!

Demented Sun 24-Nov-02 16:56:26

Minkyjj, both my DS1 and 2 did this, they could both go as much as 8 days without pooing then it would be up their backs and down the trouser legs, yuk. DS1 was about 50% breast and 50% formula at this age as well and he was still the same, going only once a week.

Minkyjj Sun 24-Nov-02 18:41:54

Thanks for all the advise. We are chuckling about the thought of the imminent explosion, and we will definately be drawing straws to see who gets the honour. Thanks team, once again you've put our minds at rest, Thanks

willow2 Mon 25-Nov-02 10:57:13

Ds did this and would get increasingly miserable as the days went by. In the end the gp gave me some suppositories as he was so clearly unhappy about the situation! I had to pop one up his bum (not very nice but he didn't seem that bothered) and then wait for the explosion - half an hour later or so. It did the trick and he was instantly a much happier bubba.

Hebe Fri 20-Dec-02 17:16:27

Can someone tell me what DD, DS, and so on stand for.

Hebe Fri 20-Dec-02 17:33:07

I think I've figured it out now.

Dixie Sat 21-Dec-02 01:43:51

just inase you haven't hebe...

ds = dear son
dd = dear daughter
dh = dear husband
dp = dear partner
think that covers it....

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