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Frightening post-childbirth piles - advice please!

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flamingnora Mon 03-Mar-08 20:16:21

I had piles when I was pregnant but now, a month after the birth of dd I am suffering unbelievable agony after every poo & for a long time afterwards (the other night I couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad). I have just started treatment with Anusol, am increasing the amount of water I drink & am eating more fibre. Any advice on what I can do to speed their departure would be gratefully received!

theboob Mon 03-Mar-08 20:22:58

sorry not to say anything positive,but i got them after ds1 and they are still here,they only flare up every now and again,but i have never got rid of them..
there is an op that you can have ,but i would rather keep mine,they will settle down keep up with the cream and every thing you are doing smile

dizzydixies Mon 03-Mar-08 20:27:34

oh god am sorry - I thought the pain from mine was worse than my stitches

right get the suppositories and keep throwing them up there

sit with feet up when on the loo - kiddies stool or upturned basin

lactalose - will soften poop up and make it easier to pass and give piles time to calm down

cannot stress how important water is - loads and loads and loads and loads of water and fruit - also both stool softeners

do NOT sit on loo if nothing is happening - this only encourages you to strain, only go when you think you need to

they will calm down I promise, am so sorry you're going through this, I cried everytime I went and couldn't sit for hours afterwards

there is also the spray for some instant relief, not recommended if bf but needs must

dizzydixies Mon 03-Mar-08 20:29:16

oh and if you have one sit on a rubber ring afterwards - one like the kids use to learn to swim - its common place in america apparently and WHY its not over here I don't know - I wouldn't even care at the ridicule after being through it twice

ja9 Mon 03-Mar-08 20:30:16

warm baths , especially before inserting suppositories.

HUGE sympathies sad

Lubyloo Mon 03-Mar-08 20:31:56

Have you been to the doctor? It's possible you could have an anal fissure as well because they are incredibly painful. I know it's embarrassing but your doctor will be able to prescribe you cream that should work better than over the counter products. Having been through this myself I really feel for you and hope the pain eases off soon.

dizzydixies Mon 03-Mar-08 20:33:20

remember you can get the suppositories on your free matty allowance - I got some after dd2 and phoned up for repeat prescription - the nurse phoned me back and said I shouldn't need them as had been given a sufficient amount, I politely told her through gritted teeth I had just given birth to an 11lb1 baby and if she needed to see proof of how much I needed them she was welcome to examine me, I had about 8 boxes waiting at chemist when I went to collect them!!!!

flamingnora Mon 03-Mar-08 20:38:54

Thanks so much, ladies. I feel like a freak beacuse, even when I mention this to the health visitor she just laughs it off - but I am in tears every time I go to the loo & it's all i can think about right now! DizyDixies - you're a star - DH just came home from consulting the pharmacist for me with some Lactulose, so thanks for the endorsement & all tips!
Thanks for the sympathy - it helps to know I am not the only woman to ever go through this!

luckylady74 Mon 03-Mar-08 20:39:32

i recently searched for a friend on this topic and if it's really bad you can try having a poo in the bath! Also raw grated potato in a muslim because the starch helps. Cold witch hazel gel. Salt in the bath. I have no experience of these but worth a try?

Habbibu Mon 03-Mar-08 20:41:20

Definitely get something on prescription - I had proctosedyl from the hosp and it was MUCH better than anusol. For piles which my consultant described as "as big as grapes" when delivering dd. He's quite the straight talker...

Pheebe Mon 03-Mar-08 20:44:05

Get to the GP asap, he'll be able to prescribe cream with a local anaesthetic and something in it (steroid??) to encourage them to shrink. GP might also prescribe movicol or similar to keep you soft and regular. Lots of sitting in the bath and definitely get a valley cushion. I had hideous piles after giving birth, the GP's reaction was 'O MY GOD' when he saw them followed by huge sympathy. couldn't do suppositories, they were too big shock Within 2 days of starting the cream the pain was going and they were starting to shrink, the movicol really helped as the 'stools' ok ok the poo wink kind of shot out without any effort on my part and very little pain. Once they are under control GP will be able to check if there's a fissure that needs attention. Please please go, don't be embarassed. My GP is an austere, often miserable old bird but suddenly became all sympathetic and fatherly after he saw them, to the point he rang me a week later to check they were improving shock They've seen it all and worse {{{{big hugs}}}} and congratulations on your new baby grin

dizzydixies Mon 03-Mar-08 20:51:19

you're very welcome, I just hate the thought of what you're going through

am glad to have been of help - off to spread my expertise about piles throughout the Mn threads whether they want it or not grin

ph and if you ARE bf, don't be alarmed by lo's nappies once you start taking lactalose as it will soften theirs too - won't do them any harm but may change consistancy (sorry if TMI!)

jollydo Mon 03-Mar-08 21:06:20

lots of good advice already - def drink lots of water.
I took fybogel on prescription from midwife or doc., dissolves in water to make a drink and keeps things soft (maybe not to be taken aswell as lactulose tho) and since have eaten lots of sultanas (handfuls and handfuls everyday) - to avoid any constipation and risk of them returning.
Could try a 3 or 4 drops of lavender essential oil dissolved in a teaspoon of milk into the bath - helps healing and relaxing.

They are horrible - i sympathise too - but they do suddenly start to shrink once the pressure is off them. I remember I didn't believe they would...

Yes, congratulations. Good job they're worth it isn't it.

poodlepusher Mon 03-Mar-08 21:06:27

yes go to GP asap for pessaries and cream. I had horrific piles after DC1, the size of broadbeans (sorry) and lay on my front for 3 wks because I could not sit.
Have salt water baths, eat green veg, fruit, nothing sugary or processed, or white bread (very bad) also avoid red meat, drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

and they will go.

when they get a bit smaller you may need to push them back in manually, while in the tub. sounds awful, but it helps.

Luna123 Tue 01-Dec-15 17:28:03

May sound really graphic lol! But I completely understand what you mean,
Everytime I go for a (sorry!) poo, it hurts so
Much! And then for ages afterwards it hurts to the point of where sitting down it not comfy, but when I've looked I can't actually see anything there? Just wondering if anyone has had this. Been to the doctors and she's given anusol. Started using today.

rinidisuza Sat 12-Mar-16 11:00:57

To prevent Piles apply the below given tips:

Take foods that contain fiber : A good way to get it is from plant foods -- vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. Most Americans need more fiber, and foods are the best sources.

Keep your body hydrated: If you don’t, you may strain during a bowel movement and make hard stools, which further irritate the swollen veins. Drink water, and remember that you also get H2O from foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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