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Further problems after abnormal smear.

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breeze Wed 15-Dec-04 19:02:15

About 18 months ago I had an abnormal smear result CIN3, I went in to have the colposcopy, problems during the procedure and it lasted over an hour. 10 days after the prodecure I was rushed to hospital as was hemorraging (sp), a few months later had to have further colposcopy as bleeding every 3 days for 4 days, Finally went in dec 03 for a D/C and for the majority of the year all has been ok.

I have always had irregular periods, and not had a proper one since July (no chance of pg), a month ago I "came on" for about 10 mins (it was a few spots (brown blood....sorry) and then again this month the same. I also bleed mildly after sex no and again, these are the same symptoms that made me go to the doctor in the first place. I am just worried about booking an appointment and having to go through it all again.

I had my annual yearly smear appointment request through and I am too scared to phone for an appointment

has anyone else gone through further problems after a smear?

noddyholder Wed 15-Dec-04 19:09:14

Had a v similar chain of events.The post sex bleeding was a raw patch following cin treatment and my gynae treated it and no probs since following that I had my 1st normal smear in 7 yrs so do go it really is a life saver

expatkat Wed 15-Dec-04 19:16:36

oh-breeze, you poor thing. I've been thinking about you, and wondering about your health since the colposcopy and the hemorrage.

If this makes you feel better, my good friend just had the worst possible scenario after an abnormal smear BUT an incredibly happy ending. She had adenocarcinoma--pretty advanced--which is the rarer and more aggressive type of cervical cancer. She just had two totally successful operations which removed part of the cervix and cleared all the offending tissue out of there. And she really had the worst kind of tumor--and it had been there for a while.

Her one piece of advice is not to delay your smear test but to get it done. I know it's horrible to think about going through it all again, but it's possible to be positive about it and think of this as an opportunity for the surgeons to put things right, so (a) your mind will be at rest and (b) you won't have to deal with all this nuisance bleeding in the future. x

saintshar Wed 15-Dec-04 19:18:58

link to thread
Breeze, i have had quite a few problems lately, it may be better if you read this thread to see exactly what.
Do you have to go to the hospital for your checkups? Is this the first time you have you will be going back since all the problems 16 mths ago?
Sorry for the questions, but u know that after CIN3, you should be going back after 6 mths at first - and to the hospital, not your Doctors.

noddyholder Wed 15-Dec-04 19:19:30

good advice expat!

saintshar Wed 15-Dec-04 19:23:19

Oh expatkat.
That is pretty frightening for me, knowing that i was not too far behind the situation your friend was.
Thank God she is ok, and it is nice to hear that it is treatable knowing and being told mine could come back.

expatkat Wed 15-Dec-04 19:27:32

saintshar--I didn't realize you were going through this, too. Poor, poor you.

You know, my friend was going to have her op at Sloane Kettering in NYC--the best in NY, where my friend lives, for that kind of surgery--but the docs there were inclined to give her a hysterectomy. So instead she visited a leading surgeon in Canada who specializes in doing this surgery (it's still fairly new) in such a way as to preserve part of the cervix so you can still carry a child and preserve the womb. Of course it's expensive to go to another country for surgery, and a great upheaval, but feel free to CAT me if ever you want further details.

littleweed Wed 15-Dec-04 19:28:40

this might just be the kick up the backside I need...... ahve been BDing every night this week in a bid to conceive and yesterday had some slight spotting and today have had blood allday - not masses but enough to ruin a few pairs of knickers. I was going to ignore it adn hope perhaps it was due to feast after famine (if you get my drift) but sounds like I should really get checked out. thanks you for stopping me from ignoring this. I hope things work out OK for you all

breeze Wed 15-Dec-04 20:12:17

Thanks all.

I had a smear done 6 months after the colposcopy (at the hospital) and the test results came back all clear, then I was discharged to the doctor for yearly smears, this is the appointment that has come through.

I will phone up and book an appointment tomorrow.

breeze Wed 15-Dec-04 20:19:35

saintshar, just read your thread. I am so sorry, and hope everything is ok now.

So much whizzes round in your head. I have been told it takes years to develop into C, and as my last one was clear I should be ok.

I know I have not had the smear yet, but I have that sinking feeling again.

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Wed 15-Dec-04 20:38:15

I had my smaer done last week, following StShar's thread. I think it is outrageous that you have to wait 6 weeks for the result.

breeze Thu 16-Dec-04 13:00:02

Well I did it, 11.30 tomorrow, suppose its good that they do it that quick.

Lets hope I don't tense up as she usually has to prise it out, she is very nice and polite but I can tell in the eyes that she wants to get on and I am taking up lots of time.

expatkat Thu 16-Dec-04 13:16:08

Well done, Breeze. Next I want to hear back you're all clear. Good luck.

breeze Thu 16-Dec-04 13:30:54

Thank-you. Hopefully I will be able to report the all-clear.

saintshar Fri 17-Dec-04 11:48:25

Well done breeze. Please let us know how you got on.xx

bonniej Fri 17-Dec-04 11:56:52

well done breeze. Just get it out of the way. I had CIN3 too a few years back and have had a few problems since. Went for my follow up smear at colposcopy four weeks ago. Told i'd get my results in 2 weeks, but nothing yet It is horrible, horrible but is so necessary. Good for you for getting checked out Littleweed, and saintshar for posting what happened to you, you have made loads of mums on here get smears done. Well done you!!

breeze Tue 11-Jan-05 21:27:21

bonniej, Have you had your results back yet? I am still waiting.

bonniej Wed 12-Jan-05 14:42:14

Just seen this thread, thank you so much for thinking of me I got a clear result and am absolutely over the moon. Colposcopy have referred me back to the docs and it's so nice to not have a smear test to worry about for another year. (like you, just worrying about moles at the moment! )

bonniej Wed 12-Jan-05 14:44:59

sorry, i just realised you said you haven't had yours back yet. I'm sure everything will be ok, I didn't think mine would be but it was. The waiting is terrible. Mine took over a month to come even though the clinic said two weeks. will be thinking of you and please let us know when they come xx

breeze Wed 12-Jan-05 14:51:02

Bonniej, I am so pleased that yours has come back clear.

I have been bleeding (although very small amounts) every day for a few weeks now (exactly same symptoms as before), so I will be very suprised if it comes back clear, just waiting for the results is such as pain as clearly there is something not right and I have to wait until the results before anything else is checked out. the doctor even suggested that if it came back clear, she would send me for another smear anyway incase something was missed

bonniej Thu 20-Jan-05 13:14:52

thinking of you breeze, have you heard anything yet?

breeze Fri 21-Jan-05 16:22:58

Hi, Just got back from doctors now.

Smear result came back, no enough sample was taken to test

I am so annoyed, I have been bleeding non stop for 3 weeks now and have to take pills to completely stop me bleeding and then go for the smear again and then await the results.

I am really pissed off with it all now

breeze Fri 21-Jan-05 16:25:47

Bonniej, although I did have my mole removed today, in and out in 2 mins no problems whatsoever.

bonniej Fri 21-Jan-05 19:29:09

how annoying about your result breeze. I'm for you. It's terrible to have all that wait and then have to go through it again. It happened to me once, i had a slight infection so the smear was unclear. I had to go on a course of antibiotics and then get retested. That was at the colposcopy clinic and I got so down about having to go back. Hopefully the next one you have will get back a lot quicker and be a clear result. Good news about the mole though. Did it hurt and how big was yours. Mine are quite massive and i'm still too much of a baby to go to the docs

expatkat Fri 21-Jan-05 19:34:39

Oh, Breeze! They'd better get the next specimen tested pronto; it would be unforgiveable if they make you wait this long again.

Best of luck with this test.

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